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Did you know an average garage door opens and closes 3 to 5 times a day? This is because 55 percent of homeowners use the garage door as the main entrance to the house. That said, how safe is your garage door?

According to statics garage doors are responsible for multiple deaths and injuries annually. Report shows the injuries and deaths mostly occur among the children. Moreover approximately 2000 injuries are reported to have occurred annually as a result of a faulty garage door.

Therefore, one needs to repair the garage door to ensure it is in good shape. If the problem is something you can fix, do it. If not, seek professional help to guarantee safety.

In this article, we are going to discuss more about garage door repair in depth.   

Common Garage door problems

One usually uses garage doors daily whether to pack, or back up your car when heading out. On the other hand you might open the door to remove the kids’ toys from the garage. During this time, the garage door is usually open and closed, and can be done even more than five times. This is why your garage door is likely to develop some problems if not maintained. Some of the common problems are:

  • Broken Automatic Opener and wheels

The automatic door opener is part of the door, which comprises various components. This includes the electrical and hardware parts.

You may notice your door freezes in the middle when closing or opening it. Sometimes the garage door might open quickly than expected, which could cause injuries to you or your family. This problem might be caused by an electrical fault, hence it is vital to seek a professional help.

On the other hand broken wheels are also some of the common problems that you might face. When the wheels no longer turn, they’ll need to be replaced immediately to avoid the door getting stuck. However, this task needs to be done with an expert as well, to replace them with uttermost care not to bend the door track.   

  • Broken springs and hardware

Broken springs and hardware problems are also common when it comes to garage doors. Springs are usually under constant pressure, which wears them out after sometime. The moment one of the springs gives in, you’ll hear a loud bang when closing the garage door.

This is an indication that the springs need to be replaced and should be done by a profession. We insist on this because the springs need to be installed correctly to prevent further damages. 

However, when it comes to broken hardware, you can repair it yourself. For example, if it’s a single hinge that is broken, you can take out your tools and fix it. But when it comes to multiple hinges, consult your technician so as to install them correctly. 

  • Cracks and gaps

Cracks and gaps are common on wooden garage doors. Though this is common, you can prevent the cracks from becoming bigger by using a waterproof filler or sealant. This is an easy task to handle, and within minutes you are done. 

On the other hand, when it comes to the cracked door panel, you’ll need extra hands. This is because the panels are not light; hence doing it yourself can be dangerous. Plus, an expert is needed to ensure the panel is installed properly.

  • Cracked or broken weather sealant

A weather sealant is installed on the door to keep water out, reduce street noise and seal air leaks. When the sealant is broken, you’ll begin to notice water, cold breeze entering the garage. This can be damaging to some of your equipment.

Therefore, you need to replace the weather sealant immediately. The repair can be done quickly; no need to seek professional help. However, when it comes to repairing the sealant between the panels, you’ll need professional help.  

  • Noisy and frozen door

This is a problem that a little lubrication will fix. The friction occurring between the moving parts causes the noise, and sometimes the door freezes. If you notice such or even hear a noise, then apply oil to the moving parts and the problem is solved.

DIY and Professional repairs

Though there are repairs you can do, it is essential to know your limits. Some of the repairs need an expert to ensure quality services. Research has shown about 1600 injuries that happen annually are, as a result, DIY garage repairs.

Hence, you need to be wise when it comes to such repairs. If it is something you can handle, there will be no need for an expert. But, for the complex work, hire a professional to repair the door.  

Things to consider when hiring a garage door repair company 

The market is made up of individuals and firms that are after your hard-earned cash. Not every company has your interest at heart. Here are things to consider before hiring a garage door repair company to be on the safe side. 

  1. Getting Multiple Bids

Having multiple bids on your table is crucial since it helps you in selecting the best service provides. Through the bids, you can evaluate the firm’s performance and cost. Furthermore, you’re able to know 

  • If their firm offers 24-hour services
  • If their warranty policy is favorable to you or not 
  • The uniforms their personal use and their vehicles
  • If the company sub-contracts their services or not
  1. Check for critical information

It’s essential to do your due diligence to understand more about the garage repair firm. The best way to guarantee the firm is legit is through checking their 

  • Online reputation   

Online reputation is crucial for any firm that needs to remain relevant in the market. For this reason, they have a website where users can order their services. On the site, the consumers can leave both positive and negative reviews about the firm’s services. Hence, go through their reviews to ascertain if the firm is legit.    

  • Physical address

For any firm to be registered in a state or country, it has to have a physical address. The address is supposed to be listed online, which can be proven by searching on Google maps. If the address seems to be a bit off, seek services from another firm that meets these requirements. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

  1. Recommendations

When it comes to the service industries, recommendations are essential, especially for a garage repair firm. You need a service provider that guarantees you value for your money.

That said; ask your friends, relatives, colleges, and family members about the firm in question. 

They’ll be upfront and honest with their answers since they hold your interest at heart. No one would want to damage their relationship with you because of a bad experience with the firm they referred you to.      

  1. Study BBB rating

Certification and rating of firms are usually done by various institutions that have been certified by the local authorities. However, the best organization that is known for rating firms is the Better Business Bureau. The Bureau is known for issuing licenses to firms that allow them to operate within the country. 

This is what guarantees the firm you seek garage repair services offers you high-quality services. Therefore, go to the BBB rating site and search for the firm’s name and license number. If the name doesn’t exist on the list, then the firm isn’t legit.   

  1. Looking out for red flags

Sometimes when we notice red flags, we ignore or turn a blind eye. However, turning a blind eye or assuming such matters can be costly or even dangerous. This is why you should consider the following:

  • Multiple company names:  If the firm is using different names to advertise, on their websites or phone lines, it a red flag. This shows that the company is running away from something or someone. If you associate yourself with the firm, in the long run, you might end up facing criminal charges or even lose cash.
  • Excessive advertising: Putting up adverts on social media or billboard is vital for any business. But when it is done in excess, it raises questions. The firm might be charging high prices than the market value. Hence, take time to understand the firm’s packages before seeking their services.
  • Having a weird feeling: We all have a sixth sense, which always talks to us when we are about to do something or react to a situation. When you seek a garage repair firm and find one that makes you feel unease, do not hire them. Trust your intuition because it is never wrong. 

Things to know before buying a garage door 

After all, it is said and done, repairing a garage door isn’t enough if it has surpassed its shelf life. Purchasing a new garage door, is not easy task, thus you need to consider the following factors. They include:


It’s an important feature when looking for the right garage door. Some of the doors are developed using rolling-code technology to enhance your security. The software works by changing the access code whenever one uses the remote to open and close the door. The software is made up of billion combinations making it hard for one to guess the code. This, in turn, prevents intruders or thieves from stealing your property or even accessing the house.    


The safety feature is also vital, especially if you have kids and pets moving in and out of the garage. This is why, we recommend installing the safety sensors.

 The software is able to detect if there is an object or a person on the garage door path. This, in turn, prevents it from closing by reversing the directions or even stopping. Hence, the kids will be safe even when you are not around the house.   


The price of a garage door depends on the vendor. Therefore, it’s wise to research about the vendors to know who is selling the best garage door and at what price.

Once this is done, you can go ahead and purchase the door. Do not let the vendor talk you into buying what you do not like; make your own decision.  


The size of your garage openings determines the garage door dimensions. Hence, it is vital to have the measurements in mind to ensure you buy what fits. This saves you time and money in the end. 


Garage doors are made from different materials starting from aluminum, wood, steel, and composite wood. The material you choose for your garage door determines the longevity, look, and maintenance needed. Hence, be wise when picking out the material to guarantee value for money.

Style and garage door openers

The style of your new garage door depends on the material used to make it. Some might have additional features such as hardware, paneling, and windows. These are features that make your garage door look more stylish and elegant. For this reason, pick a garage door that speaks about your personality and makes your house beautiful.

When it comes to door openers, there are three types of openers you can choose from. They include belt, chain, and screw drives. The chain used to open the garage down determines the horse power used. This makes it easier for one to open the door using minimal power. Thus makes it energy efficient. 


Garage doors are an essential part of your house though we tend to ignore it. The door needs to be safe and secure to protect you and your family from injuries and also intruders. This is why it’s important to seek repair services from certified providers.

On the other hand, when it comes to purchasing a new garage door, you need quality brands. Never settle for substandard brands that will breakdown after a few months. A genuine garage door is supposed to serve you for a span of 9 to 10 years. If that is not the case, you’ll lose a lot of cash and time repairing the door.