Emergency garage door repair

Life is unpredictable. Things change within seconds but the best thing that can happen to your life is to possess the ability to respond quickly to emergencies. That allows you to live comfortably knowing you’re in control of the situation. Garage doors are man-made and therefore susceptible to break downs. The fact that these structures protect against unauthorized access to the garage simply means you cannot afford having them broken at any time of the day. Imagine the door breaking at night. Well, it becomes an emergency since you’ll need it fixed as soon as possible but most garage door repair companies are not available at that time.


What to do in case of an Emergency

Emergencies can be adversely consequential if not well handled. That makes possession of knowledge of actions to take when your garage door breaks is important. Below are some of the steps you could take to protect you and your people from hazardous garage door emergencies.


  • Maintain status quo

Let’s say your garage door has dropped down in a thud. It would be unwise to try opening the door. Chances of the door closing again are high. That means risking your life and that of anyone close by. If the door is open, do not force closing it. Roll up garage doors especially can be problematic. In short, you should avoid as much as possible forcing the door to do what you want. The garage door is a massive construction and machine for that matter. Therefore, it would easily defy natural forces. Trying to force the door to assume a state of your wish may back fire on you.


  • Keep distance but do not leave the scene

Perhaps the emergency happened in your presence, or, you just found out there was one. Well, the first thing to do is get help. You can call emergency lines for garage repair companies. Meanwhile, you should keep distance from the accident scene. You may wonder why this is important.

Well, your pet or young ones may not be old enough to sense the danger associated with broken garage doors. By virtue of standing close, you ensure none of people or pets get close to the garage door. This will save them from any looming danger.

If you choose to walk away, the scene will be left unattended to. Children and danger tend to attract each other. It may be sad that this is the day your children may choose to get close to the garage. I’m certain you do not want to imagine what may happen to your children in case of any accident.


  • Stay alert

As you wait for assistance from emergency garage door repair service providers, you shouldn’t just stair the door. You ought to stay alert at all times. Most modern garage doors today are electric and automated. If the risk is too high, you may consider switching off the main electrical switch. With automatic stuff, you just never know when a disaster may strike. Besides, you may never have control over automated stuff as they tend to move fast and uncontrollably. By switching of the main switch, you’ll be cutting off any power supply. This stops any form activity by the door.


  • Disconnect the automatic door opener

There are different types of garage door openers. Well, when bad comes to worse with your garage, you’ll be left with no alternative than unplugging the automatic door opener. Doing this will also stop any involuntary movements of the door.

This should be done with caution. Remember if you are not sure of the magnitude of risk the garage door harbors you should keep distance. This will protect you. Only when you are sure of how bad the situation can get should you go close. Disconnection of the automatic door opener should be done tactfully and skillfully. If you lack the skill to disconnect the opener, you could do some quick research or ask your garage repair expert on call.


  • Ask the repair expert guidelines on what to do

This is another important thing to do. It may take the repair expert sometime to get to your place depending on how far their office is. As you wait for them, you could engage them. This is important as some emergency cases may worsen with time. The handlers will be glad to guide you on what to do as you wait for them to get close.


  • Extinguish fire

A fire break out could be one of the causes of an emergency. A garage door when attacked by fire could react differently. Some may drop down; others may go up in a force enough to take away lives. Well, the first thing to do is ensure you and your people are safe. After that you could attack the fire with an extinguisher while waiting for fire experts to come by.

Even with fire, you need your garage repair expert to come by. Immediately the fire extinguishing team deals with the fire, it will be time for the garage door repair experts to repair the door. It is important to note fire destroys garage door parts. This can become worse if the door is made of material that conducts heat and reacts with fire.

For instance, fire can burn down timber. Besides, iron can melt under extreme fire conditions. That said, a repair expert will have to inspect the whole door and surroundings to establish the extent of damages. You need an experienced professional for this task. A generalist or inexperienced individual may not get the best results. This may cause serious problems to the door in the near future. That said, you should ensure you have proper knowledge of the experience and performance record of the person you’re dealing with.

Another important thing to do is evacuate your loved ones. Whether they are close to the burning garage or far away, ensure they get to a safe area just to be sure they are out of danger. There are many more causes of emergencies including black outs. You should learn how to react instantly and know what not to do in such cases. Let’s look at what you shouldn’t do in case of a garage door emergency.


Things to Avoid In Case of a Garage Door Emergency

  • Do not panic

All casualties start here. Panicking is the mother of all aftermath troubles. Once you panic, the body starts to overreact. Suddenly, you start to make haste decisions and do things that may land you into serious trouble. You should avoid panicking at all costs. This will help you maintain calmness and make better decisions.

What could make you panic? Well, some people tend to panic naturally as their default reaction to emergencies and/or danger. For such people, the best they can do is control the panic. When it strikes, try to take some cold water and calm down. Once you have the panic under control, you are good to start acting on the emergency. Well, the speed with which you move matters at this point. You need to move fast. Even as you attempt to control your panic, you have to be fast as emergencies wait for no one.

For those whose panic come under extreme tension, try to avoid overthinking. This will help you have control over any possibilities of panicking. With your state of mind under your control, you maintain an optimum state to make proper and sober decisions. You can make informed decisions when sober.


  • Forcing the door to move

The garage door should never be forced to do anything in case of an emergency. If it is closed, you should leave it that way. If the door flies wide open, leave it that way. Forcing the door to do as you wish may turn out badly for you. Depending on which type of garage door, you should ensure the door is in a state in which it will not cause more damages.

For instance, a roll up door that is open should not be left like that. Do all you can to stop it from closing and do not force it to shut down. Especially for extra-large doors, you should strive to save yourself rather than act like you’re fighting the door.

For garage doors that open sideways, you could put a stopper to prevent the door from closing or opening involuntarily. If a door can close or open willingly, only then can you attempt do that. Otherwise avoid contact with the door as much as possible.


  • Get close to the garage

This is another thing to avoid. There are a lot of things you can do to save yourself and family but this is not one of them. Especially when the emergency has been caused by a fire break out, it is important to keep distance. In fact go as far as possible and ensure no one is close to your garage. If the fire is manageable, you can try engulfing it with an extinguisher.


  • Extinguish fire with water

This is a dangerous thing you can do. Instead of getting rid of the fire, it will ignite it even more. You should never try this. If you do not have an extinguisher or are not sure of what to do with it, you’d rather wait for the firefighters to arrive. The time they will take to get to your place will depend on how far they are located from you. Therefore, ensure you reach out to a fire extinguisher near you to avoid time wastage.


  • Leave the electricity on

This is the last thing you want to do. Fire and electricity when they interact can cause serious problems. That is why you should disconnect and cut out any form of power supply. You do not want to see fire spread to the whole house and neighborhood just because you chose to leave the electricity on.


Emergency Garage Door Repair Companies Near Me

  • Garage Door Medics

This is one of the garage door repair companies you can rely on. The provider offers services 24/7 and that is why you should not be worried even if an emergency gets you in the wee hours of the night. They are quick to respond and avail themselves to your place within a short time.

The GD medics have handled many emergency garage door cases. One of the most common cases they have handled includes a garage refusing to close. Remember one thing to avoid in such situations is avoid trying to force the door to open. You should leave the door alone and reach out to the garage door medics in case they are near you.

Another common scenario is having your car trapped in your garage. Perhaps this could be because the garage door is not opening up. Well, again, you should just leave the door alone and reach out to the experts to have your door sorted out. Trying to mess with the door may cause more damage than good. At this point, you need not panic. Besides, you should be patient enough to let the experts arrive and sort out your door. Garage doors can act up sometimes unexpectedly. Knowing this, you need to be aware at one point your garage door will act funny. Preparing yourself this way will force you to get ready of any eventuality in case there’ll ever be.

You can imagine waking up for working only for the garage door to act up. Well, it can be disappointing. In the morning hours, perhaps you’re already running late for work. Waiting for longer for the garage door repair expert to arrive may worsen the situation. Anticipation of such eventualities keeps you ready for them in the future. Therefore, whenever that happens, you will be ready. It gets rid of any chances of you panicking in case your door decides to stay shut.

When a door shuts and refuses to open, you may decide to force it open out of panic. Perhaps the issue causing this may be a little disconnect that may just need a proper diagnosis and a simple solution. Your decision to force the door open may cause more challenges with the door. It may even compound the situation and cost you more money in the quest to restore normal functionality of the door. It is therefore wise to keep of the door and let the garage door experts come do their thing.

Another instance you could experience is the garage door landing right on top of your car as you try to drive into the garage. Well, let’s just pray this doesn’t happen to anyone. We’ve heard such cases and mostly arise because of poor garage door maintenance. Well, Garage Door medics are experts in solving even such extreme garage door issues.

You can call them or drop them a text message. You will be advised accordingly. Find out if they offer services up to your location and at what cost. Ensure you have all the details and agree before transacting any money. This will shield both parties from any unnecessary arguments likely to arise.


  • A1 Garage Door Service

One service that stands out of those offered by this provider is their 24-hour emergency garage door repair service. They are aware of the inconvenience a garage door may cause someone. That is why they take full control when it comes to repair and do a splendid job.

The first thing you should do is reach out to them. Find out on their estimates. The good thing is you will get free estimates. Always remember those are just estimates, meaning the actual amount may be higher or with a variance.

They repair broken springs and rollers as well as replace them. In addition, they replace garage door drums, panels as well as other parts. That’s not all. They also straighten or replace bent garage doors in addition to doing weather stripping. Insulation, inspection and door tune up is also on the list of services offered by this provider. They are located in different parts of US and that is why you can always reach out to them to find out places they operate and those they do not offer their services to. There direct line is 844-214-2724. They respond promptly and that is why you can be sure they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Overhead Doors

The Overhead door repair experts have emergency services on offer. You can call them directly. They are quick to respond and answer to any of your questions with detail.

You can request for a service via their website too. You will fill a form to enable them have a clear picture of what services you need. Besides, there are fields about personal information to be filled. Ensure you do not leave out any field empty.

Once they get your place, an inspection can be done to check what is in a good state and what should be repaired or resolved. Allow them do their work with the autonomy they require. This will take off any pressure they could be harboring especially for the less experienced. By the time the leave, your garage door will be back to normal functionality.

They are a professional group and therefore you should expect excellence in their service. As you make enquiries ensure you also ask for an estimate. This is critical for planning purposes.


  1.     One clear choice

The One clear choice garage door repair expert is a great company to work with. They deal with all sorts of doors and solve all kinds of door problems. That is why they are trusted and often hired across US.

In case of a garage door break, they will be there to offer you solutions. They do the repairs in an amazing speed. There is a perception that something done fast is not good. Well, the One Clear Choice emergency garage door repair expert moves with speed and still does a good job. This ability is only possible thanks to the experience they have. The team is a mix of experienced and fresh blood that learns from each other and assists each other to move fast.

Other than great and quality service, the provider boasts of affordable service. You can get the best bargains with this provider. They offer discounts, guarantees and warranties, although, this is subject to their approval. As you discuss on the details of your needs and solution, seek to know if there are any price offers you could take advantage of.

When you pay less for more quality, chances of feeling satisfied go up. Previous clients that have benefitted from the services of this provider have nothing but appreciation for this provider. This goes a long way to tell you how good and consistent they’ve been for the years they have been in service.

Another great quality of this provider is the many number of service variety they offer. You will find almost every service you need on their offer tray. The best news is they do the delivery in an orderly and structured manner. By the time they leave back to their office, your garage will be shining. In short, they clear and clean the place well before leaving. This is what good providers do after work; tidy up the place and reduce the amount of work you have to do.



Garage door repairs can be hectic sometimes. It even gets worse when it is an emergency. You need not worry when there are established companies in US offering garage door repair services. All you are required to do is reach to them and explain the state of your garage door. Other than that, ask to find out the charges. Well, from there, leave things to the emergency garage door repair experts. As long as you agree on the costs and time-around time, the rest will fall in place.