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If you are a DIYer, then there is a high chance that you’ve been tempted to fix your garage door on your own, right? But that could have probably been your worst mistake ever. Without a doubt, your garage door is essentially the most crucial entry point in your house. And that is why you need a garage door repair expert to handle any damages that may occur on the garage door.

However, I’m sure that saying all that doesn’t convince you of anything. Luckily this article is in your best interest. We are going to discuss why you need a garage door repair expert and also any other relevant information that could help you with your garage door. So, without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Garage Door Repair Expert

1.     Safety

When you are getting your garage door repaired, health and safety should be your priority. Though this may seem like an obvious concept, most people tend to overlook the importance of safety, especially when DIYing their way through home tasks. That said, your garage door weighs hundreds of pounds that could crush you in a second because you are a feather in comparison to the beast that is the garage door.

Typically, this can become dead weight if you accidentally tamper with the wrong element in the garage door system. And well, unless you are Hercules, there is no way you can lift or prevent that door from knocking the floor hard. When the door suddenly falls to the ground, it will endanger you, your family, pet, or even your vehicle.

To be sincere, over twenty thousand people every year get injured due to garage door related faults. What’s more, DIY garage door repair activities have resulted in close to a thousand injuries every year. That tells you that dealing with a garage door requires an in-depth knowledge of the system built to support the door. You should know how the door parts work in order to repair any problem. Sorry to say, but you can’t just watch a tutorial on YouTube and suddenly become a garage door repair expert. It needs years of training and expertise to gain the right skills for the job.

2.     Saves Time and Money

Well, I’ve heard of people DIYing their garage door repairs, for instance, fixing the torsion spring. Not only is that dangerous to your life, but also it will likely take at least five times longer than when you hire a repair company to do it for you. There is a high chance that you run the risk of getting hurt if the door is not fixed correctly and even end up spending more due to the resultant damages of your poor workmanship.

On the other hand, garage door repair experts have all the equipment and knowledge necessary to handle most of the garage door repairs in your home. What’s more, if there is any part that might need changing, garage door repair experts often travel with spare parts to facilitate the necessary replacements. Therefore, what might take time for you to find and resolve, these professionals typically have the parts and the skills to accomplish right away.

3.     Home Security

The fact that most garage doors are attached to the main house makes them a vulnerable entry point when the door is damaged. Burglars and other opportunists may take this as an advantage to gain entry to your home if you do not get the door fixed in good time, preferably as soon as the damage happens. This could endanger your entire family and put your property at the risk of loss and other damages.

Thankfully, a garage door repair expert will ensure that the door is fixed correctly and promptly hence allowing you to feel safe in your own home. More importantly, a partially opened door or even a vulnerable door will risk entry from unwanted wild animals and other additional things, for instance, snow or rainfall.

4.     Insurance

We all know that dealing with insurance firms is not always the easiest of tasks, right? That is because these companies will pay for any repair to the garage door only if a professional repair company does it.

A freelancer DIY expert like yourself or even your friend will be seen as a potential liability in the eyes of the insurance firm. The reason is you do not have the credentials and skills that are necessary to show that you are a professional in the field of garage door repairs.

Therefore, if you get the right garage door repair expert and the proper paperwork is done, then you are likely to convince your insurance company to make the pay-out for the repairs. Easy-peasy, right? The key is paying attention to the nitty-gritty details and always sticking to the most professional path when it comes to handling matters in your home or business premises.

5.     Liability

In case you ever decide to sell your house, and by chance, the new owner gets hurt by the damaged garage door, they are likely to seek out an insurance claim. If the company finds out that you, an unqualified DIYer, did repairs on the garage door, then you will be liable to pay the new owner for the injuries they sustain.

The best way to avoid such a scenario is by going with a professional garage door repair expert company. You do not have to worry about the insurance claim since the company will give their best in the repair procedures. If you get the right garage door repair company, then you can be sure that they are good at their work hence there will be no possibility of future damages on the garage doors.

6.     Warranty

Typically, garage door repair companies will offer you a form of warranty. This means that you will have a certain length of time where you can request for any repairs in case it is as a result of their work. In some cases, such companies will even go the extra mile to offer a lifetime warranty on your garage door because they believe in the quality of their work.

If you look at it from a different perspective, you are not just paying for the repair services they offer, you are also paying for the experience, knowledge, and even peace of mind. You will be confident enough to know that in case your garage door needs re-repairs, the company will efficiently manage the task with no qualms thanks to the warranty.

7.     Maintenance

As much as fixing your garage door seems like an incredible idea, wouldn’t it be even better if it was never broken in the first place? With that in mind, hiring a professional garage door repair company that will regularly inspect your garage door will help you check the areas in your door that might need regular maintenance.

Truth be told, you will save a lot of cash if the problems in your garage door can be spotted early enough. In some cases, only a simple replacement of one part will help maintain the integrity of your garage door. On the other hand, maybe a bit of lubrication or cleaning will reduce the chances of your door breaking down. All of this is easily detectable by the eye of a garage door repair expert.

8.     Long-lasting

If you hire a professional to handle the maintenance and repairs of your garage door, you will have long-term use of your garage door system. Thanks to the fact that the door is correctly cared for, it will definitely last longer than if it was not looked after at all.

Garage doors are designed to last for years, but at some point, everything breaks down. However, with proper care, your door will obviously serve you for an even more extended period.

9.     Appearance

When your garage door looks incredible, then the whole house will also look incredible because it adds that cherry on the cake when it comes to aesthetic. With only a few touches on your door, an ugly house could instantly turn into the most desirable modern home on the block. There is no point in owning a well-kept lawn and a fancy home if your garage door is not in its best shape. It just does not look right and it should not sit right with you. Garage door repair experts handle the technical fixes of the garage door and go further by touching up the cosmetic aspects in order to restore the door to is former store-front display glory.

10.                         Diagnostics and Expertise

Finally, garage door repair experts are undoubtedly professionals in their field, and they are always equipped with all the necessary tools. More importantly, as I mentioned earlier, most of these companies have liability insurance and warranties that cover their services.

That’s not all! A professional garage door repair expert is able to find out the problem in your door more accurately when compared to a DIY enthusiast. Generally, you will think you know what is causing your door to squeak or even creak because you have had it for a long time, but honestly, doing it on your own does not necessarily work as the best option.

As a professional DIYer, you will think that you have diagnosed the issues affecting your door accurately and adequately, but more often than not, the solution to your garage door is not that simple. For instance, if your door is squeaking, you are bound to think that the rollers need a little more lubrication. However, there is a chance that you may have misdiagnosed the problem. There is a possibility that the doors are squeaking because the rollers need complete replacement hence oiling them will not offer a long-lasting solution. The rollers may be dirty from gathering debris over the years hence oiling them will just make the debris stick and worsen the situation.

Finding the Best Garage door repair expert

Now that you fully understand why you need a garage door repair expert, let us take a look at some of the tips you should use when choosing the best company for this task:

1.     Verify the business licence

You have witnessed that the work involved in repairing your garage door is not a mean feat, right? With that in mind, it’s best to only trust professionals who know what they are doing. As such, before hiring a garage door repair company, verify that they have the necessary licensing to work within your country and that the licence is up to date.

You can also check with the local authorities for the authenticity of the business. Experts who have nothing to hide about their business will openly display their licences to their clients and answer all your questions regarding their credentials.

2.     Check the insurance policy

Before any repair activity takes place, ask the garage door repair company to provide you with their insurance cover details to ensure that they are completely covered in case of any accidents during the repairs or installations. Make sure you are not held responsible for such unforeseen disasters.

Notably, it is good to remember that there are some regions where you are not required to have an insurance cover, especially for garage door repair experts. However, you should consider going with a company that has an insurance cover just to protect yourself and your property.

3.     Do your own research

Take your time to conduct a detailed research about the company. If you can, check out online feedback from their previous clients. You can also check out their warranties and liability policies. This will help you make the final decision to work with a particular company.

Do not go for the cheapest company in the business-no siree! This is because they may not provide the same quality of service as companies with a much higher price. However, do not choose the highest price tag in the filed with the false hope that it automatically translates to great service; even if it does, you do not deserve to get ripped off. Therefore, always ask as many relevant questions as possible before hiring a particular garage door repair company and a couple of quotations from different companies in order to gauge the ultimate cost.

4.     Response time and availability

Well, it’s not a must, but it is wise to consider a garage door repair company that essentially has round-the-clock service. This is because they will be available in case of any emergency repairs that might need an immediate response to the situation.

More importantly, the time between contacting the company and the team arriving at your doorstep is also critical. That time should be as short as possible hence minimizing the danger that the damaged door may lead to including theft or even injuries. The garage door repair expert should be easily reachable by phone to make communication easy and fast.

5.     Experience

For any professional garage door repair company, they should have a few years under their belt. Do not just go for a company that is starting out because you may lose your money to inexperience. There is some level of skill that most professionals pick up through working and experience in the field and the garage door repairs and maintenance industry is no exception.

A problem that could be difficult for you to see will be as easy as taking a walk in the park for someone who has experience in this field. A garage door should not be handled by just anyone since it might cause safety hazards to your home and the person handling it. As such, hiring a professional repair company will save you money and the headache of trying to figure out what is wrong with your door.

In Summary

There you have it! I hope you can now comfortably go to a garage door repair expert and be sure that they can handle your repair project. Remember, you should always go for the right expert, especially in a field that could cause injuries to the professional and to you. There is a lot more that you need to understand about garage doors. And with that in mind, you should stick around for more interesting topics on the same.