Garage door repair Houston TX

If you are someone who loves solving some of the problems around the home then you might just be tempted to fix your garage door problems by yourself. Most of the time, our garage doors experience problems that we cannot solve because we lack the required tools and expertise to do so. This is why we seek professional advice and repair services to prevent further damage to the door. Garage door damages are prone to happen especially if the door has served you for quite some time. In addition to that, maintaining the garage door in the perfect condition can be crucial and challenging if you own a garage in your home.  There are various reasons as to why you need a professional garage door repair service. Some of those reasons include the following;

  1. You are guaranteed the right skills

A professional repair expert will assess the garage door and determine the exact problem that your garage door is facing. When you handle the problem on your own, you might provide the wrong solution to the problem and this can lead to further damage, which will be costly at the end of the day. If you are not a professional, even a small issue might turn into something more serious and you might get injured in the process. Lack of experience can cause more damage than good to the garage door and to you.

  1. Cost-effective

Assuming that you come back home one day and your garage door is not opening. You will come up with various trial and error solutions that you think might solve the problem. You might be justified to try and provide the best solution at that particular time but in most cases you will find that the problem is likely to occur again in the future, much sooner than later due to poor workmanship. Any time you fix an issue on your garage door by yourself, you might end up spend more money in buying supplies and other important materials for solving the problem than you would have if you paid a repair expert for the service. However, when you hire a professional, you save yourself the trouble of spending additional costs on repair and maintenance. If the garage door warranty from the initial garage door supplier has expired, you will pay a fee and your garage door will be repaired. In addition to that, if the problem is solved by a professional, chances are that the door will serve you much longer in superb condition.

  1. Increases the turnaround time

When your garage door is experiencing problems, you will spend a lot of time inspecting it and trying to determine the cause of the problem. In addition to that, you will end up spending additional time on researching the right tools to use and the best procedure for fixing the garage door. This might inconvenience you as you will not be able to park your car inside the garage for quite some time, which exposes your car to the risks of theft and damages. However, hiring a professional helps in solving the garage door problem in a short period. The years of experience that repair experts have in this field helps them determine the problem fast and they know how to fix it appropriately. They provide a fast turnaround time in that they will repair the door and you will have a properly functioning garage door in no time.

  1. Protects you from accidents and injuries

You are risking your life if you are using tools that are worn out to repair your garage door or even using tools which you are not accustomed to using. Furthermore, trying to move the heavy garage door when it locks itself is dangerous as you will end up injuring yourself with the heavy metals used in holding the garage door. Hiring a professional garage door repair service is important as it saves you the trouble of injuring yourself. Garage door repair companies have professionals who are fit to handle the heavy metals and the garage door itself. When you hire a professional, you are guaranteed reduced or no accidents at all.  This is safer as compared to fixing the garage door problem on your own, which may land you in hospital and inflict more financial damage to your wallet.

  1. Convenience

If you take the responsibility of fixing your garage door, you will have to do all the heavy lifting, get your clothes dirty and spend a lot of time on the repair process. However, when you hire a professional garage door repair expert, they do all the heavy lifting and fix everything. This saves you time, which you can now use to accomplish important tasks or rest. Furthermore, when you hire an expert from a reputable company, you can trust them with your garage and leave them at your home working as you go about with business. In case of any issues, you can reach out to the garage door repair company and get them sorted. You can comfortably go to work and come back to a properly working garage door.

  1. You get to enjoy emergency garage door repairs

Garage doors face problems without giving you prior notice. It can be very early in the morning when you need to get to work on time, or late in the night when you are coming back home from a long trip when your garage door decides to misbehave. Well, the good news is that most garage door repair companies offer emergency services. You just have to place a call and they will be at your home in no time to fix the problem. This is a service that you cannot enjoy when you are fixing the problems on your own.

  1. Quality repairs

The quality of service that you get by hiring a professional garage door repair expert is exceptional. The quality of service that you give when you repair the garage door on your own is poor, unless you are a professional garage door repair expert and you have experience with garage door problems. Most repair companies offer warranties that you get to enjoy maintenance services and quick repairs for a specific period, and if you experience garage door problems within the stated period, your garage door is repaired at no cost. You can take a good rest knowing that you are getting professional and quality services.

  1. Professionals offer security to your home

Even though your garage is meant only for parking your cars and maybe storing a few tools and supplies, it is a very important part of the house. If a stranger gets access to your garage, they can easily get access to your home and steal or cause havoc to the property. When you invite your neighbor who is inexperienced in this field to help you with the repairs, you are only risking your lives and your property. Hiring a professional gets the work done in no time and you can sleep peacefully knowing that you are safe and that no one can get into your house through the garage.

  1. To avoid paying more money

Another reason why hiring a professional garage door repair expert is important is that they help you avoid paying for unnecessary damages and fees. When you hire an inexperienced individual to help you with fixing your garage door problem, and by bad luck, they get injured, they can open a lawsuit. You will be forced to cover their medical bills and compensate them financially for negligence and for the downtime that they will experience in their financial life. However, when you hire a professional garage door repair service, you will not pay anything because garage door repair experts have insurance which caters for their medical needs in case of accidents and injuries. Garage door repair experts are also experienced in this field and they have dealt with all kinds of doors, both residential and commercial, meaning they will pay keen attention to the safety measures in place to keep themselves safe.

  1. Guarantee of the best repair expert

Someone passing across the streets will promise to repair your garage door in case of any problems. This might be tempting and you might even consider hiring them for the job. However, you should check out various garage door repair experts online before settling for a repair professional. You will feel comfortable choosing a professional with the best reviews and comments of their impeccable work. This shows that the people they have worked for before are satisfied with the service offered, and they are likely to hire the same professional again whenever necessary. This is the reason why you should consider hiring a professional.

  1. Safety

Your safety should be the number one concern when you are thinking of repairing your garage door. The garage door is heavy and weighs several pounds that when dropped in the wrong place, will make you crumble under the intense weight and pressure. This can be dangerous to your pets, family members, or even your car. Hiring a professional is important because they know how the different garage door parts relate to one another. They know which part to remove first and which one to remove last and how to handle the door around the garage without causing any further problems.

  1. Insurance cover

Most house insurance covers will only pay for the garage door repair service if it is done by a professional. Getting help from a family member may be tempting and less costly, but in the long-run, it will be expensive. This is because there are high chances of the door experiencing problems again in the future as compared to when it is repaired by an expert. You can save your finances and not spend a cent on the repairs, and entirely take advantage of the insurance cover provided. Additionally, the insurance company may not pay for damages caused by poor workmanship done by a novice hence you will end up wasting your cover.

  1. Reduce liability

A liability occurs when you rent or sell your home to the new homeowner and they experience any sort of injuries from the garage door repair. An investigation will be done and it will be discovered that you fixed the garage door problem by yourself. In such a case, you will be liable to pay the new homeowner for any damages caused to the property or any other person due to the damages you inflicted on the garage door. When you hire a professional garage door repair expert, you are not worried about such liabilities because they conduct efficient repair services that restore the garage door to top notch working condition.

  1. Garage door components are dangerous

Many garage door components are extremely dangerous and should not be tampered with if you do not understand them fully. All the components of the garage door work in uniformity with the other for the common goal of opening and closing the garage door. Tampering with one part weakens it and can cause excess damage to the other parts. For instance, the garage door springs hold the door together, and if by any chance you mess with the springs, the whole garage door can fall without your knowledge. This can be a fatal occurrence.

  1. Enhances the appearance of your home

Fixing a garage door problem on your own will only make the door look unpleasing because it has been fixed by an inexperienced person. However, hiring a professional garage door repair expert increases the beautiful appearance of your home. The expert will work on the mechanical damages on the garage door and any other cosmetic repairs to the door. It is important that you always maintain the aesthetic appeal of your home because it contributes to the value of the property hence a beautiful home will fetch good money when sold to a new owner.

  1. Maintenance

You do not have to hire a professional garage door expert only when there is a problem in your garage. If the garage door is working just fine and you suspect that a certain function is slowly failing, you can invite a professional to assess the door’s functionality. Professionals are experienced and hiring them helps in detecting problems that the garage door is likely to face in the near future. Additionally, they can solve the problem immediately before it becomes alarming and dangerous to the users of the garage door. It is always better to nip a problem in the bud before it happens.

  1. Right tools and procedures

Garage door repairs require the right tools as there are tools specifically designed for these functions. These tools can be costly and you might not afford all of them if you are planning to do the repairs on your own. Garage door repair companies have invested in the right tools because their lives depend on this type of work. Additionally, they equip their repair employees with the right skills and procedures required to deliver satisfactory repairs. Hiring a professional guarantees you of exemplary work with the right tools.

  1. Time effective

DIY garage door repairs mean that you will have to sacrifice a day or more off your busy schedule to repair your damaged garage door. This is because you have to do the research beforehand, look up a couple of video tutorials and struggle through the repair process. This can inconvenience you and you might end up wasting the entire day and still not get the job done. Hiring a professional is convenient and less time consuming as they know what they are supposed to do. They fix the problems fast and you are sure that you will not experience the same problem anytime soon. In conclusion, as much as we think we can provide the best solutions to the different garage door problems in our homes and businesses, more often than not hiring an expert is the best solution. Experts come with their insurance and you will not pay anything in case of any injuries or damages sustained during the repair process. In addition to that, you are provided with a warranty and you can get your door repaired for free within the stated warranty period. Therefore, hiring a professional is the best solution to your garage door problems. Common Garage Door Problems Nearly all modern houses have garage spaces where house occupants can pack their cars and store a few supplies. Garage doors are used daily and they are prone to damages, wear and tear, and other related problems. There are some superficial repairs and maintenance that you can handle on your own especially if they are minor problems and others might be difficult to repair because you are not an expert in this field. This is why you must perform regular repairs and maintenance checks to uphold the proper functioning of the garage door. The sooner you can identify a problem, the sooner you can fix it and get your garage door back in good condition. Some of the common garage door problems include the following.

  1. Garage door opener not working

This is the main problem that garage doors face, especially if they have been in use for a couple of years. The good news is that you can easily fix this problem. If the garage door is a chain or drive screw operated, you can easily add lubricant to reduce friction and get the door functioning again. You can apply lubricants, especially silicone-based lubricants or apply the garage door spray to solve this problem. The garage door fails to open because the hinges are not sliding against each other smoothly hence the lubricant will assist in this aspect.

  1. Grinding noise

A grinding noise when you open and close the garage door is annoying and causes too much discomfort. This type of noise usually shows that there is a loose part in the garage door that needs fixing. Most of the time, you will notice that all you need to make this problem go away is to use a lubricant on the squeaky parts or to tighten up a loose screw in the hinges to make the door open and close smoothly.

  1. The garage door opens slightly then closes immediately

This can be very frustrating especially if you have an errand to run and you want to get things done on time. Most of the time when the garage door opens slightly and closes, you are forced to open the garage door manually, which beats the whole purpose of having an automatic garage door. This is a sign that the springs on top of the door need immediate replacement. However, in case you have replaced the door springs in recent years, you only need to change the broken ones and not all the springs. Alternatively, you can replace all the springs together to save on costs and avoid such problems occurring frequently.

  1. Cracked weather sealants

Weather sealants are substances that are used in blocking out fluids from passing through surfaces of the garage door. Weather sealants in the garage door help in keeping out water and reducing noise from the streets. However, these sealants may crack or even completely break hence allowing in moisture and noise. When you notice a crack, replace the weather sealant immediately so that you are not disturbed by noises across the streets and to avoid water damage on the garage door.

  1. The garage door does not seal all the way through

Failure of a garage door to seal properly implies that fluids will be able to pass through the garage door and you will be distracted by the noise from outside. You must ensure that the garage door is sealed all the way through. Moreover, you can use pipe insulation as your best solution to secure the unsealed part of the garage door.

  1. Broken garage door remote

This is another common garage door problem that occurs for many home owners. You leave work, ready to reach home, the when you want to open the garage door, the remote fails to work. This can be very frustrating especially if you had a long day at work. The first thing that will probably click your mind is to check if the remote battery is in the correct position or to take note of how long you have used the batteries to determine whether they have died. Many people have spare batteries in the car just in case they experience this problem. Place the batteries correctly if at all they have been tampered with, or replace with new ones and see if it solves the problem. If it does not, you can read the remote manual and see how to reprogram the remote.

  1. The garage door opener is not responsive

An unresponsive garage door opener is common whether you are using the remote, keyless entry or wall controller. To solve this problem, you can go to the breaker panel, locate the breaker, and try turning it on and off. Electronics 101 insists that switching a device off then on is the first step of solving an electronic hitch. This should solve the problem, but in case it does not, check if the garage door is plugged in properly and that there is a power supply to it.

  1. Formation of rust

Rust forms when a metallic substance is exposed to air and water for long periods. Rust forming on a garage door is a common problem, especially if it is made of a metallic material. Rust makes your garage door look awful and can be the leading cause for dirt and other outside elements getting into your garage space. This is very unsightly and can be dangerous for your health and that of your family. Rust also weakens the corroded parts because it eats away the material and causes the formation of holes. The good news is that this is a problem that you can handle on your own. To remove the rust, you can start by cleaning the rusty surface with dishwashing soap and water, then, rub the rusty surface with a cloth dipped in vinegar. This is because vinegar dissolves rust naturally. If this is your residential home, then you can sand the rusted surface then apply a fresh coat of paint. Paint acts as a buffer from water and air hence it seals the metal surface and keeps it in good form.

  1. The track is not aligned properly

The track is the metal material that the garage door runs on. If it is not aligned properly, the door will not open and close properly. At times, you will notice that there are gaps or bends in the rails and the rollers and this shows that there is a serious problem that needs to be looked into immediately. The heavyweight of the garage door can cause these problems and as time progresses, they can become worse, making the door difficult to operate. However, in some situations, the tracks might be misaligned and the door is still moving. You can fix this by loosening the screws, then aligning the tracks and finally fixing the screws back. This should solve the problem, but if it does not, you should consider seeking professional assistance.

  1. Something is blocking the door’s path

This is a common problem which some people might ignore for various reasons. Garage doors have been made in such a way that they cannot crush objects that are in their path. It’s a safety measure that ensures if your car is still standing below the garage door, the door will not come crushing down on it. This is why if something is blocking the garage door from closing properly, the door will move back up and will not crush the object on the ground. Another observation is that there might be debris on the tracks that are preventing the rollers from closing the garage door properly. This could be chewing gum, small stones, or even mud that is preventing the rollers from moving freely. Inspect the garage door frequently to see if this is there is debris or dirt that is blocking the garage door from closing.

  1. Broken springs

The springs used in the garage door can only be effective for a specific number of open and close cycles of the garage door. When the spring breaks and you happen to be around home, you will hear a loud bang from the garage. This happens because the garage door is very heavy and outweighs the springs. Most people think that it is the garage door opener that lifts the gate. The gate is lifted by the springs and that is why when the springs are broken, the gate falls with a loud bang. The garage door comes with one or two springs and when either of the springs is broken, the garage door opener will fail to open the door.

  1. The limit setting on the garage door is not set properly

You might have noticed this problem when the garage door closes and then immediately goes back up instead of staying in the closed position. This is a problem that is common with new garage doors or older models of the garage door that need to be reset. This happens when the open and close limit settings of the garage door have been tampered with. The limit range is set to direct the garage door how far the door should move before it closes. As such, if the setting is off, the garage door barely comes to a close.

  1. The door was locked manually

This garage door problem occurs when the garage door does not open but the opener functions for a few seconds then shuts off. This could probably be because the door manually locked itself down. Alternatively, you might check for the springs to see if they are functioning well. If they are well functioning and the lock on the door seems to be engaged, then the door locked itself down.

  1. The switch to disconnect has been connected

This usually happens when the garage door motor runs as though it is opening and closing the door but the door is not moving. Chances might be that the switch which disconnects the door opening functions has been connected. A disconnect switch is found in every automatic garage door opener. Its main function is to disconnect the switch when there is no power so that you can manually open the garage door and park your vehicle inside the garage.

  1. There is an issue with the transmitters

There are several issues that can the transmitter not to function properly. The main issue could be that you are out of the range of your garage door. This happens when you try to open the garage door when you are a few minutes away from the prescribed position near your garage door. The door will not open because it cannot process the opening function when you are far away. Each garage door has been made in such a way that there is a specific range in which the transmitter can function in hence attempting to open the garage door even when you cannot see your house is a waste of time. This is another safety measure that protects your home from intrusion such that in case you press the garage remote when you’re far, the door won’t open. Therefore, you should open the garage door when you are in the driveway, and it will  open on the first attempt.

  1. Uneven movement of the garage door

The main reason why a garage door moves unevenly is that something is blocking its way. Check and ensure that there is nothing in blocking the pathway of the garage door. However, you may find that there is nothing in the way of the garage door. The next step that you should take is to look at the springs because chances are high that the springs are either offering too little or too much tension, making the door close unevenly.

  1. The garage door does not open or close

At times the garage door suddenly does not open or close hence it does not actualize its main goal. The first step that you may want to take is to ensure that the batteries in the remote have been replaced recently and are working properly. Secondly, ensure that the keypads are not broken and can easily be pressed. If everything seems to work just fine, look into the garage door opener unit, and ensure that the lights are not out. If the lights are out, it is a clear indication that the motor has disconnected from the power supply.

  1. The garage door is opening extremely slowly

If the garage door is opening at a snail’s pace, it indicates that you need to lubricate the rollers or to clean the tracks. Garage doors tend to get stuck mid-motion in dry climates and that is why many manufacturers advise that constant lubrication is needed because salt and even sand build up in the roller area over time, which affects the door’s movement negatively.

  1. Garage door shaking or vibrating

The garage door at times shakes and vibrates when it opens and closes. This is a clear indication that there is a problem with the rollers or the tracks. Also, the problem could be in the garage door opener. You can easily determine if the problem is coming from the tracks and rollers by inspecting the respective areas. If the garage door opener is functioning well and you have recently replaced the batteries, then you should consider seeking professional advice from a garage door repair expert. This might be a problem that you cannot handle alone. In conclusion, garage doors face many problems over time. At times, you may find solutions to these problems and get your door functioning well again, and other times, you may need help from a reputable garage door repair company that will fix the garage door in a short time. Garage door problems can be fixed and you should not worry if you face any problems with your door.

Type of Garage Doors

Are you looking to replace your garage doors or perhaps fixing a new one for the first time? There is a need to know the different options available, as this will help you decide on the one to go for. Although you may be used to just one or two types of garage doors, there, in fact, several types of garage doors with six being the most common.

These garage doors include a slide to side garage doors, side-hinged garage doors, sectional garage doors, tilt-up canopy garage doors, roll-up garage doors, and tilt-up retractable garage doors. It’s not enough to choose a garage door that suits your taste; other factors must be considered if you are to get the best of any garage door, and this includes the color, finishing, door material and special features like insulation, window and any other hardware you require.

While this may seem a bit overwhelming, we have made the task much easier for you, come along as we explore together.

Types of Garage Doors

There are different types of garage doors, and the choice of the one to go for depends on your personal preference and budget too. Below are the six most common garage doors:

  1. Sectional Garage Doors

We start our list with the sectional garage doors. They are the most popular type of garage doors and are made of panel sections linked with hinges. With the opening and closing of the door, the wheels which are located at the edges of the panels’ rolls into a track found on each opening of the door.

The hinges which are between the panel sections bends over the curved part of the track; as a result of this, the door can sit parallel to the roof when it’s open; it also aligns with the walls when it’s closed.

Above the opening of the door features high-tension springs that are connected to cables, this spring is what operates the door and prevents it’s from drifting downwards only when it is partly open.

Sectional Garage doors are mostly made from steel and do not require high maintenance. They can be customized to accommodate features like windows and other hardware; it can also come in any color and texture you desire. There are also insulated and non-insulated models to choose from.

  • Roll-Up Garage Doors

These are more common in commercial areas; they are ideal for places with minimal ceiling space. Roll-up garage doors are ideally made with 2 to 3-inches of sleet slat sections, which rolls around a drum located above the opening of the door.

Roll-up doors are also referred to as coiling doors; they are designed to withstand consistent and heavy use. They are high-performance units and can be made without springs; they can also be enclosed to prevent it from rusting, freezing, and corrosion. It is more expensive than sectional garage doors, and this is owing to its heavy-duty nature.

  • Slide to Side Garage Doors

Just like the name, slide to side garage door operates in a slide to side manner. It bends to one side then sits parallel to the wall. This type of garage door was among the first designs of garage doors ever made and was originally meant for garages that have a little headroom.

They operate at lower trolleys, which are flexible enough to operate with a slight slope in the ceiling or the floor. It does not require any balancing of the spring; it has an in-built retractable motor with a suitable automated operation, with this automated operation, you do not need a roof-mounted operator.

  • Side-Hinged Garage Door

This is an old fashioned design, but it’s still in use. The door operates by swinging open and close from a hinged frame, which is located on each side of the door opening. It has the resemblance of a large barn door; they are generally made of wood, although there are the commercial types that are made of a galvanized steel door.

In recent times, there has been more demand for these type of doors, more so in areas which have little headroom or obstructions. They can be bought in already hung steel frames; it can also be fitted into already existing openings. In addition, the garage doors can also be automated, with unique conversion arms.

  • Tilt-Up/Canopy Garage Doors

Just like the side hinged garage door, the canopy garage door also does not have sections; rather, they are made of one solid piece. They operate by making use of a pivot hinge mechanism, as this enables the door to tilt up into the garage itself.

The door, which is designed like a canopy, is usually positioned parallel to the garage roof when the door opens, it extends outside the garage.

  • Tilt-Up/ Over Retractable Garage Doors

We round off our list with the Tilt-Up/ Over Retractable Garage Doors. It has similar features with the Tilt-Up/ Canopy Garage Doors in that it also tilts up. The framework is designed to be independently suspended from the garage door; this way, they will not protrude more than the front of your house.

It requires more space than what is obtainable in the Canopy Garage Door. Although some people prefer to go for this type of garage door, it’s not so rampant, perhaps because its operations are more technical and also the expensive nature of the product.

Garage Door Materials

The material used in making your garage door can make a huge difference in its performance. Some materials are well suited and perform better than some others; there are those too that look more attractive and are less expensive. It all depends on what you want.

Generally, the types of garage door materials include:

  • Wooden garage door
  • Wood composite garage door
  • Aluminum garage door
  • Steel garage door
  • Glass garage door
  • Fiberglass garage door

Now that you know about the different types of garage doors, the information can help you make the right choice when buying or fixing one.