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I’m sure you are probably wondering whether to repair your garage door or replace it, right? Well, if yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Truth be told, you can go for years without replacing your door. But that depends on a lot of factors.

That said, we will discuss a couple of ways you can learn the life expectancy of your garage door. Besides that, we will also cover the factors you need to consider to determine if you need a garage door repair or garage door replacement. So, without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?


How Long Does a Garage Door Last?

When you’ve taken care of your garage door, it’s going to last for years on end; maybe even decades. But that’s only if you properly care for it. Some of the factors that will determine the life expectancy of garage doors include:

  • Construction quality: When the installation is poorly done, then it will adequately affect life expectancy. More importantly, if the garage door contains cheap materials, then don’t expect it to last long. Instead, you should ensure that you are working with a professional, someone who you can trust to get the job done, and I mean done correctly.


  • Inspection: Ensure that you can schedule an annual appointment with your garage door company. The professional will inspect all of the broken parts in the garage door. Some of the pieces will need replacement, while others will need repairs.


  • Maintenance: Some of the proper maintenance routines include lubricating the moving parts. Without a doubt, lubrication prevents rust from tainting some of the metallic parts.


  • Climatic conditions: Typically, extreme cold or heat could potentially damage your garage door. Ask yourself how the climate at home affects your garage door. For instance, wooden garage doors are vulnerable to warping, especially in a moist environment.

How Can You Tell That Your Garage Door Needs Repairs?

Several issues are quite typical and repairable. However, you will still need to consult with a professional garage door technician. Some of the problems that can be repaired include:

1.     When the door Can’t Work

Honestly, you might be thinking that when you find that your garage door doesn’t work, it only needs replacement. Funny enough, sudden breaks don’t necessarily mean that the door is dead. It can be something that’s very easy to fix.

That’s because the issue is isolated. Since its sudden, there are parts in the garage door that have irreparable damage.

So, first thing’s first, check the remote batteries before talking with the professionals. In some cases, it can be because of the early morning commute, and that could have stressed the batteries. But if the issue is not that you need new batteries, then talk to a professional.

2.     When the Doors Become Heavy

The springs inside the garage door help manoeuvre it. But since the door is massive, the lift motor likely is undergoing significant damage; hence you end up feeling the full weight. The springs are built in such a way that even if you lose power, you can lift the door with your hands without feeling too much pressure.

So, in case your door feels heavy, then there’s a high chance that your springs are no longer capable of bearing the weight of the door. But don’t worry! Just because the springs are losing their strength, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will snap. But that’s not to mean that a weak spring is any safer.

Luckily, a worn-out spring is quick and affordable to fix. The repair person will come to your home and replace the springs. New springs will change the general feel of the door.

3.     When a Single Panel is Damaged

When you have physical damage on your door, the key is to ensure that the repairs are cost-effective. What do I mean? Well, the key is to fix the damaged panel when its still a single panel damage. Don’t let it affect the other parts of the door.

If you ignore it for too long, the damage will spread. That will equate to a higher repair cost. Actually, when you repair several parts of the door, it will be cheaper than replacing the entire door. But you need to do it on time.

So, when your child damages the garage door when practicing fastpitch or dents the door when backing up the driveway, ensure you address it on time. That will help you avoid total replacement.

4.     When Your Door Starts Sagging

Try closing your door halfway; does it look like one side is lower than the other? If yes, then that’s a clear indication that your garage door is imbalanced.

Imagine if you have an imbalance in your tires? If one is worn out, there’s a high chance that the rest of the wheels will not function effectively. The same case applies to your garage door. If one side is sagging, then that will put extra stress on the other side. In the end, it will affect the integrity of the entire door.

Luckily, rebalancing your garage door is a simple task. With the right garage door expert, you will get your door fixed in minutes. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the factors that determine you need an entire door replacement.


How Can You Tell Your Garage Door Needs Replacement?

We can all agree; there are those few instances where particular garage door concerns go beyond repair. And during such cases, you will need a garage door expert to install a whole brand-new door, completely replacing what you had previously. That said, some of the issues that will push you to replace your entire garage door include:

1.     Your Door Has Permanent Damage from Wear and Tear

Your average garage door will open precisely a thousand times in a year. That means by the time you get to ten years; you will most probably need a replacement. And most of the time, due to lack of proper maintenance, the garage doors may lose its strength and functionality over time.

The fact that sometimes you need to hold up your door for too long, it may lead to wear and tear of the door springs. Excessive wear and tear of the doors may lead to a snap of the tension springs and might eventually lead to the falling of the garage door.

On the same note, if there is debris inside the door rollers, there might be a potential misalignment of the door tracks. Also, rain, snow, UV rays, and wind may lead to discoloration, rusting, or even warping of the garage door over time.

2.     Difficulty Opening and Closing your Garage Door

In order to provide the security and privacy you need; your garage door should open and close without any difficulties. That said, if you are having trouble moving your garage door, then its time you inspect it and determine what the issue could be.

When done, invest in a garage door that will give you a smooth time when transitioning from your car to your home after a long day at work. An old opener for your garage door leads to several safety hazards. You may notice that the automated reversal feature is not working, which may leave your garage vulnerable to thieves.

And not to mention that most burglars know just how to override the systems in an old garage door. Besides giving you better safety features, a new door for your garage will also ensure you have less noisy operations.

3.     Visible Signs of Damage on Your Garage Door

Sometimes, somethings may go unforeseen. And such things include vandalism, accidents, or even storms. When such occurrences happen and lead to extreme damage to your garage door, then its high time you consider a replacement.

There are a couple of things your door replacement expert will need to replace. First, any broken lift cables and springs will need replacement. Broken tension springs pose a danger to everyone in your household. Mostly when there is an issue with the tension springs, there is a chance that the garage door won’t open.

To avoid any further damage, it’s better when you let a professional handle it. What’s more, track misalignment of your door is another visible sign that your garage door needs replacement. If the door has fallen off the tracks, it may even fail to function. When you are dealing with track misalignment, you will notice that the garage door is somehow crooked.

If there are any dents, this may affect the smooth movement of the garage door along the tracks. Also, it reduces the general appeal of your home. While you can, at times, repair one or two dents, there are some cases where you will need to replace the entire door.

4.     Increase in Your Energy Costs

Over time, when your garage door gets too old, it may end up losing its insulation. That said, if you are experiencing a sudden increase in your energy cost every day, then its time you seek a replacement.

A new door for your garage will provide better insulation. You can even invest in garage door materials that offer better energy efficiency, such as wood. Also, that extra insulation that comes with a new garage door will give your HVAC system a break. That’s because you will now have a comfortable temperature in your garage.

What’s more, you are more likely to get advanced technology with your new garage door. That’s because the new openers may even have a phone connectivity feature enabling you to gain control over your garage door remotely.

The best part is that such smart tech will help save on your energy bills as you will only open your garage door when there’s a need. And even better, with this intelligent technology, you can get notifications in case you leave your garage door open by mistake.

5.     When Your Garage Door Proves to Be a Safety Hazard

To ensure ultimate safety in your garage, you always need to keep the doors locked. But this is something you cannot achieve with a faulty garage door. In fact, a broken garage door is a safety hazard to both you and your family and will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

You can quickly tell if your garage door is a safety hazard if it has outdated technology. If your tech is not up to date, buglers can figure out the access code and find their way to your garage. But if you replace it, you will get an incredible tech that creates random access codes and send them to your phone every time you want to access your garage.

Also, in some cases, a faulty garage may give buglers access to your house. When you replace your garage door, you will ultimately get secure locks that will ensure your home remains inaccessible to thieves.


So, do I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

As we’ve seen from this article, there’s so much you need to consider before deciding either repair or replace your garage door. That said, I hope from the comparison we’ve given, you can make a more informed decision depending on the most affordable option and the extremities of damage.

What’s essential is you be happy with your overhead garage. A garage door is a crucial element of every modern home, and for that reason, it should always be in the best possible condition.

In Summary: Why Do I Need a Garage Door Expert?

If anything, this article has shown you that there’s no way you can handle complex repairs on your own. With the right garage door expert, you can comfortably use your door without worrying about any casualties.

But like any other product, garage doors eventually wear out. That said, there are certain parts that you could easily get fixed will others will require replacement of the entire garage door system. A garage door expert determines both of these options. Well, don’t have to take my word for it- check out our post on why you need a garage door expert.

Hopefully, that will give you a clearer perspective of how to handle your garage door repairs and replacements. Stick around for more interesting topics on the same.