Garage door repair parts

A garage door is a collection of different parts. These sections come together to make the door work. Failure to work of any of the parts means a malfunctioning door. Some parts are so tiny to even notice when they stop to work. How do you find them? Or how will you establish a specific part is not working as it is supposed to? One of the easiest ways to do this is by relying on your senses. Any noise coming from a garage door is a show of something. Or, as you move the manual doors, if the door becomes stiffer and harder to move then that clearly implies there’s something wrong. Those are some of the signs of garage door repair parts starting to malfunction.

Immediately, a garage door repair expert should be contacted lest you want the matter to compound and cause more havoc. An overall check of the door should be done as soon as possible and a diagnosis made. A solution to the problem must be suggested and repair work done as soon as possible. But, what garage door repair parts are we talking about? Read on to find out.


  1. Door panel

This is one of the most obvious garage door parts. In fact, when a garage door is mentioned, most people assume only the panels represent the door. The truth is the garage door is more than just the panel. It is a constitution of the garage door panels and other tiny parts that work together to make the whole garage door.

Door panels come in different designs. Some come divided into subsections and are connected to form the massive door. This allows easy movement of the door as it may be too big to move it as a whole unit. Sub-sectional door panels are mostly connected using door hinges. This allows flexibility and gives the user of the garage the ability to open the door partially when need be.

Door panel are made of different materials depending on the manufacturer and type of garage door. This makes them have different shelf lives. Door panels that are less weather resistant are likely going to wear and tear faster. That means more costs in the quest to repair and/or replace the door.

There has always been a question of whether it is proper to repair or replace garage door panels. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. Doing a repair is pocket friendly and less strenuous. On the other hand, doing a replacement is expensive but the better option. Why do garage door repair experts advise against part replacement?

When you replace just a section, you mess with the little details manufacturers consider before making a garage door. There is the issue of compatibility. When door panels with different dimensions are brought together, the garage door may be negatively affected. It may lose its balance and develop complications with time. A whole replacement will save you from all this kind of inconvenience.


  1. Garage door springs

Springs may cost you as little as $15 to as high as $100. That price is not final. Every provider has their own prices and it may cost even more. On average, garage door repair experts charge between $100 and $300. Again, the actual costs may be outside this bracket depending on the expert you’re dealing with.

A spring has a great input in the operation of a garage door. A worn out spring will greatly but negatively affect the proper functioning of the door. A roll up door may become stiff and with time may have big problems moving up and down.

You should not wait for a garage door spring to break before replacing it. It can prove catastrophic. As soon as you note your garage door spring has problems, you should act fast. Reach out to a garage door repair expert as fast as possible and explain the challenge you’re facing.

Take this as a warning. You should never open an automatic door or try to close it if the spring is broken. The result can be catastrophic. Or, you could damage the operator. This show how critical how a garage door spring is critical. If in a bad state or broken, it significantly affects the other parts. That is why you should be cautious.

The spring supports the garage door weight during opening and closing. This helps control the action of gravity on the door. As a result, the door can move swiftly up and down the rail. When the springs are faulty or broken, the door loses its stability and ability to control gravity action. As a result, the door can fall to the ground with a thud and harm anything it may come across.

If a spring breaks while the door is closed, leave it that way until the spring is replaced. If open, do not attempt to close the door. Bend the rails a bit to block any movements and this will prevent the door from dropping down involuntarily.

Where one find can the right springs for their door is another critical question (?) Well, most garage door repair experts sell garage door springs in addition to their services. When you speak to your handler, ask for one and they will either get one from their store or contact a dealer he/she knows who sells the springs. But, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Garage door repair springs are readily available and affordable for that matter. You can purchase extra pieces for future purpose. Ensure they well stored to prevent them from getting rusty.

If you’re not sure of how and where they should be stored, just buy enough for the day. The others will be bought when need arises. You do not want to buy extra pieces only for them to rust become useless. Springs are weather sensitive and that’s why they should be handled with care at all times. Clearly, a garage door spring is a vital part of the garage door.


  1. Rails

Garage doors are built with specific parts uniquely designed to suit its functionality. Just like the panels are designed to block anyone from intruding, rails too have their design and make done well for the rails to serve its purpose. The panel doors move from up to down and reverse when closing and opening. As these panels move, they need a path through which they can travel else they’ll always be losing direction and it can be chaotic.

Rails run from up the roof to down the ground. In most cases, they are attached to the walls. They’re built in such a way they have a small space splitting them through which the sides of the garage door slide through. They are fixed on both sides of the door.

Rails control movement of the door and should be regularly oiled or greased to reduce friction. When a door spring breaks, it is proper to bend these rails to hinder the movement of the door. This will go a long way in protecting living things that would cross the door unaware of the looming disaster.

As long as they’re well-oiled or greased, rails will rarely go back. In fact, they’re rarely replaced unless there’s an overhaul happening.


  1. Access Control systems

The main aim of a garage door is to secure the garage space. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. You are human and if the door is meant to lock out humans then it means you can be locked out. But, developers put access systems to allow only authorized users access the door.

Vintage doors were lockable with padlocks or simple locks which still exposed the garage as they were easy to manipulate or break. Today, there are more sophisticated access control systems. Some of today’s doors have been connected to the owners’ mobile devices and can only be opened by them.

Other doors have automatic openers and fly wide open when they sense the owners’ car come close. They have sensors detecting the lights and sound of the car that occupies that particular garage. Once the vehicle approaches the entrance, the sensors come to play and the door is instructed to open. This saves a driver the stress to have to walk out of your car to go open the door, come back to your car, drive it in, and leave the car again to close the door before going to your house.

There are different levels of automation and each has its benefits and few challenges. The good thing is automatic garage doors are way better than manual doors. Their biggest challenge is their dangerous nature when some critical parts spoil. For instance, stay as far away when the spring of an automatic garage door breaks. It can be as fatal as you’ve never seen before.

When it comes to dealing with automatic garage door, always ensure you consult a garage door repair expert. That is the only way to save yourself and that of the loved one. It is more challenging to break into an automatic garage door and that is why you can trust these systems. As long as you are in control of the access systems whether remotely or at the physical location, your door is safe. Some control systems even alert you when an intruder tries to make an unauthorized attempt into your garage, although the door may raise unnecessary alarms sometime.

Some doors can be accessed through keying in a PIN number or password. To secure the system, ensure you do not share the PIN or password with anyone. With any wrong attempt, you can always be notified. This allows you to take instant action to protect the door in case you’re not the one making the attempt.


  1. Bearings

Garage doors are a whole system. This is true especially for massive doors. Therefore, you can expect your garage door to have so many garage door parts. All these parts are replaceable and repairable as they all play major roles in ensuring the door works effectively.

The main role of bearings is to allow for effortless motion. The garage door is a massive structure whose movement must be controlled. The bearings allow the parts engaging the door to feel less of its weight and friction. Consequently, the door does not lay all of its weight and friction on its paths during movement.

Bearings work well when greased or oiled. Otherwise, rusting will happen and hindered movement too. It is a basic standard to keep the bearings in proper conditions for them to well lest you want to replace them as soon as they start to work due to poor maintenance.

Normally, you buy door lubricants separately. Experienced garage door repair experts will tell you this for free. Always ensure you have lubricants around. Use them to lubricate parts like the bearings and other paths through which the garage door travels.


  1. Pulley system

Any heavy item moving against or in the direction or the action of gravity must be fixed with a pulley system for unhindered movement to take place. Weights when acted upon by gravity can be hazardous. That is why pulley systems are installed to support the door’s weight especially for roll up door.

The system is normally installed from the inside of the garage. That makes it invisible from the outside. Even with this invisibility, the pulley system still plays a critical role in the door’s operations. You should look for a garage door repair expert as soon as your door’s pulley system goes bad. It is one of those door parts that require special attention and expertise when repairing.


  1. Garage Door Chain Hoist

Most commercial garage doors are massive structures that require additional reinforcement. Chain hoists play that critical role. When the doors go down or up, you’ll probably hear so much noise as a result of the movement of these chains. The hoist stays firm to support the garage door as much as possible. They also allow mounting of other supportive garage door parts.


  1. Garage door cable drums

This is another garage door replaceable part. Most people wanting to replace their garage door cable drums find it difficult which one suits their door. Experts advise you check the existing one to tell which the right one for replacement is. A cable drums is also an important garage door for reinforcement.


Garage Door Repair Parts; Commercial Versus Residential

Garage door repair parts vary slightly depending on the site of existence of the garage. Commercial garage doors tend to be bigger, and more sophisticated. Residential garage doors on the other hand to be more advanced in form of technology and are generally smaller in size.

Residential homes come up every other day. With every construction, home owners opt for more advanced forms of technology for access control. That allows for easier monitoring even from remote locations. When coming back or leaving the garage, technology also minimizes previous of drivers having to leave their cars to go open the doors.

Automatic garage doors also make it extra hard for burglars. Most are installed with alarm systems to scare away those who think force it the way into the garage. For commercial garage doors, the environment might be too hostile for more advanced tech systems.

With commercial garage doors, you probably have many users for the same garage. Besides, these users are not here permanently. They change with time. Such circumstances require an access control method not too sensitive but too strong for intelligent criminals.

Other alternatives could be used for access control. One of the most effective ones is using the PIN/Password option for access. This will allow only those with PINs or the passwords to access the garage.


Good Maintenance Practice for Garage Door Repair Parts

There are so many garage door parts. Some of them you may never come to learn about them until your garage door start to malfunction. Well, for those you know, at least make sure you learn so much about them. Someone may wonder why they should waste their time studying about these parts while they aren’t garage door experts. It is always proper to be on knowledgeable, especially when the subject matter may one day affect your life in one way or another.

But what are some of the basic things to do in regards garage door repair parts?

  1. Always have spare parts

Just like a spare wheel is a rule to drivers, garage door repair spare parts should be a rule too. This should be adhered to even more when your garage door has had repair issues before. It will save you big time during emergencies.


  1. Proper storage

When keeping spare pairs, it is wise to properly store them. For instance, most garage door repair parts are made of iron. That said, these constituents are prone to rust and other corrosive actions especially if not used for a long time. Proper storage will shield them from going bad before they are used.

For some, it may mean wrapping up them well inside nylon papers free from water to shield them from air reaction and other harmful actions. Besides, ensure you keep them under the right temperatures – neither cold nor hot. That will keep them safe for the longest time possible.

Others get tool boxes for storage of spare parts. This too works well. The tool box should be well labeled and stored in proper conditions too. Most tool boxes are made of hard plastic which is water resistant. This to some extent keeps water from getting into the box and reacting with the parts stored inside.


  1. Regular checks

People make the right decisions to purchase spare parts for their garage. Well, beyond that, most people have no idea what should be done to keep these parts as new as they came. Some don’t even know keeping the parts in poor conditions expose the parts to corrosion, thus rendering the parts useless.

Regular check involves once in a while looking for any issue if there is. Your task will be to check for the current conditions of the parts – whether there’s any already rusting, or if there’s none. The purpose is to keep other parts in good condition in case one of the others starts getting spoilt.

Another spare part control is not buying too many parts. For instance, you need just a few extra bearings. Do not overly purchase just because you have to keep extra parts for in case there’s an emergency. When the spare parts are too many, they tend to get spoilt faster. Minimizing the number of purchased parts reduces chances of having more number of spoilt replacements. It also makes financial sense as you save money.


  1. Replace whenever possible

There’s no need to replace if something is not broken. But, nothing should stop you from replacing a part the moment the door starts to malfunction. You don’t really have to wait until things get worse. Timely replacements are way cheaper than waiting for the situation to be worse before making major changes.

You should be keen to notice any changes facing the garage door. You can establish this through keenly listening to the door and sounds it produces or any resistance to movement. Your keenness will save you big time.



A garage is a collection of parts. Each of these parts plays critical roles in ensuring the whole door functions well as a unit. As the garage owner, yours is to ensure all the parts are in a good working condition. In case there’s breakage or one part spoils, it is your responsibility to get the part repaired or replaced as soon as possible. There are advantages to promptness which includes saving money and protecting lives. For complicated repairs, you should for an experienced garage door repair expert. The work should be done well if possible under your supervision.