Garage door repair Pensacola fl

Your garage is a part of your home that should not be taken for granted. Garages are storehouses of household belongings and tools worth thousands of dollars. Your car is also parked in your garage hence the need to ensure that faulty garage doors are quickly repaired. Several issues may cause your garage doors not to open or even malfunction. We shall look at how to identify common garage door faults and straightforward steps you can take to fix the issue.

Steps you can take to fix common garage door issues
Fixing a faulty garage door begins with identifying the root cause of the fault. Here are common garage door faults and the steps you can take to repair them.

• The garage door opener is faulty
Although the front door of the main house may be the center of attraction, the actual entry and exit occur through the garage door. Whenever you press the automatic opener button, you expect the garage door to open. But what happens the door opener refuses to open, it can be frustrating as you may be stuck outside and it could be worse if it is raining or maybe during a snow storm. Several problems could be associated with the garage door opener. It may be that there is an issue with the wired connection. You can check if the wire is disconnected or there is a circuit break caused by a burn out fuse.

You may have experienced difficulty in opening your garage door during some cold winter period. You can increase the sensitivity of the door opener by adjusting the screw located on the motor unit. You may even consider lubricating the rollers to reduce friction between the rollers and the floor of your garage door.

• The spring supporting the garage door is worn-out
A garage door is designed with torsion or extension springs that are connected to pulleys and cables. The springs counter the weight of the garage door and allow the door to be easily lowered and raised using a limited force applied by the hand or with the aid of an automated door opener. These springs may wear out due to the constant pressure placed on them, thus resulting in difficulty of opening your garage door. Raising the garage door by hand may also feel quite heavy. To fix this issue, ensure that the springs are replaced.

• The garage door is worn-out
A garage door may be able to last as long as 50years and above if adequately maintained. But if you fail to maintain your garage door, it may not pack up between 10 to 15 years. At that point, you may have no other choice than to replace the door.

Essential tips for maintaining your garage doors
Apart from maintenance, these tips may also help in correcting early signs of faults on your garage door.

• Examine the tracks and rollers
It may be great to clean your garage door tracks and rollers. You can do this by using a suitable cleaning brush and ensure that you lubricate the rollers. Replace any worn-out rollers that you find.

• Ensure that the hardware is tight
The tracks guiding the rollers are assembled in different sections and are firmly attached to your garage doors with the aid of brackets for overhead garage doors. Make sure that the bolts and screws holding the bracket are tight.

• Test the balance of the garage door
A garage door requires minimal pressure to raise and lower it. If it is heavier, then the springs may be faulty.

Several garage door faults may prevent it from working. With the right maintenance measures, you can help avoid these faults. But if it does become faulty, you can fix them yourselves or employ the services of a professional if it is something you can’t do.