Garage door repair Riverside California

We live in an era where do it yourself (DIY) is highly advocated for. The internet makes it even easier with readily available information in form of articles and video tutorials that show you how to do things step by step. It may be cheap and convenient to do things yourself, but, there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to serious repairs like that of a garage door. You realize the garage is an entry and exit point, meaning people pass here regularly. When lives are involved, caution must be thoroughly exercised. Below are more reasons why you need a garage door repair expert to help you sort out damages on your garage door.


  1. Expertise

You need an expert because of their expertise. That’s just it! You lack the skill and experience to repair a garage door. There are details you are not aware of that a door expert considers when putting up the structure. During repair, they mend the door with the particular details in mind. Choosing to do the repair yourself means leaving out these details, which may turn out to be disastrous in the future.

On the other hand, you may manage to repair the door without any challenge. But, an expert will definitely do it better and faster. Your crippled repairing may call for another repair quicker than it should. Letting a professional do their work will save you from dealing with several potential repairs that may happen in the future due to poor workmanship.

  1. Costs

Sometimes it’s really hard to establish whether DIY is cost effective. Sometimes you can do a repair yourself and spend less. But, what if your repair doesn’t last long? What if the repair actually makes the situation worse and calls for more repairs in the future? The problem is you can never really tell whether future calls for repairs are a result of previous repairs that were poorly done or it is just the door needing a normal repair.

On the other hand, an expert will do their work well and guarantee you longevity before another repair is required. The less the repairs, the more cost effective a repair job is. Besides, most professional garage door repair experts come with their tools. They will only charge for labor and the few items that the particular repair requires. Doing the repairs by yourself will require you to purchase all the items plus repairing tools if you don’t have them. That is inconveniencing as well as costlier.


  1. Aesthetic reasons

You can almost always tell the difference between work done by a professional and that conducted by an amateur. The difference is obvious for all to see. In most cases, professionals do it well and neatly. With amateurs, you will see gaps, dents, and the general work will be poorly done. You can never underestimate the difference that experience and expertise add to your repair project.

Unless you want your garage door poorly fixed, hire a professional because they will do the work neatly and the final product will be a fine masterpiece for all to see. Do it yourself and you risk messing things up. You may finally manage to fix things, but, traces of amateur works will remain. If you don’t mind having a mess of a garage door, you may go ahead and fix it yourself, but remember that aesthetic appeal ranks highly in the value of a property.  Remember that the garage door is what your guests will meet as they park their cars when visiting you – first impressions matter a lot!


  1. Warranties

We all want guarantees with every good or service we consume or acquire. Professional garage door repair experts offer service warranties with their work. You can therefore be certain of a free repair in case the door misbehaves within the warranty period. Doing it yourself means incurring other costs when the garage door calls for repairs within the same period.

In a world where every dollar counts, it is always advisable to settle for a good or service that offers a warranty. That way, you can save money and time in future as all you’ll need to do is call the professional fixer to come and re-fix the garage door. Additionally, the service warranty may grant you a few routine checkups in a year to ensure your garage door is in tip-top shape.


  1. Safety

We started by highlighting the importance of safeguarding human life in every aspect of life. At the time of the repair operation, you may put your life at risk if you choose to handle the process by yourself. This is so especially if you do not really understand what you are doing. A professional garage door repair expert understands the risks associated with fixing those heavy doors. They are also trained on how to protect themselves from these dangers.

Most garage door repair experts will come with protective gear that secures them during the repair process. Most likely, you will be repairing the door without any personal protective equipment (PPE). This puts your life at risk and that of anyone around the garage door during the time of repair. It is therefore important to think about your life and the risks associated with doing a garage door repair. Appreciating these risks will let you hire a professional garage door repair expert to take care of this tricky business for you. That is the only way to stay safe and protect anyone around as the repair takes place.

Now, most garage doors are automatic. Others may not be, but have connections to electricity. The fact that these doors are metallic compounds matters even more. Imagine exposing yourself to a live wire in the course of repair. Worse is the fact that this exposure meets you without PPE on. The next thing that will happen to you is obvious electrocution. With electricity, losing your life is as simple as an electrical current running through the body. Garage door repair experts know how to deal with such situations. Besides, they have all the tools to detect any danger and act accordingly. Before the repair process begins, the expert will ensure everything is well covered and dangers are neutralized in order for them to operate in a safe environment.

Your lack of expertise may expose you and your family more going forward. After the repair, you may even leave electrical wires exposed without your knowledge. This lack of awareness may be hazardous. Safety is one of the major reasons why you need to hire a garage door repair expert. You’d rather waste time, money and inconvenience yourself by hiring a professional garage door repair expert than lose your life doing it yourself. In the end, you’ll actually realize that hiring the expert was not in vain.

  1. Convenience

You realize other than repair of damaged parts your garage door needs regular maintenance. I bet you do not have that time and skill to conduct a thorough analysis of your garage door to ensure it’s working in perfect condition. Pardon me if you do. But, for most, it would be more convenient to hire an expert. The professional will work routinely and it won’t feel like a bother. For you, regular maintenance of your garage door may feel taxing. The time and effort you will spend is costlier compared to hiring an expert. In return, you will also offer yourself poor service compared to that a professional would offer.

A cost benefit analysis will make you realize that it is highly beneficial to hire a garage door repair expert. This way, you will get value for your money. No one wants to spend money for a low value. Doing it yourself means getting less quality for your money because you lack the tools, experience and expertise to handle the job at hand.


While the six points aforementioned are solid enough to compel anyone into hiring an expert, it would only be wise to compare them to reasons why you do not need an expert. Just like a case in a court of law, the judge makes a ruling after listening to both parties. This comparison is only meant to let you see why others consider doing a garage door repair by themselves, and not to convince you it is the way you should do your repairs because you will quickly notice the consequences of their actions.


Reasons Why Some People Repair Their Garage Doors Themselves and Consequences of their Actions

  1. To save time

Do it yourself diehards will tell you; it saves time to repair your own garage door. But, is it really the case? The fact that you lack expertise in that task means you will spend more time doing it. While it may turn out successful, it will cost you time to figure out how some things are done. In fact, that wastes most of your time and let’s remember that time is money.

Some people mess things up further and are forced to call the experts to help them out. What seemed like a time saver in the beginning turns out to be more time wasting. Instead of going through this trouble thanks to denial, it would only be wise to contact professionals to avoid trial and error encounters.


  1.    Security threats

I’m justified to think about the security of my property and the privacy of my people. You are too. You are justified to worry about the possibility of a repair expert stealing from you during the repair process. Most of these people are highly trained and have good ethics but there may be a few bad apples in the basket. Wise men talked about no market missing a madman. It wouldn’t be wise either to trust just anyone visiting your home.

The best way to handle this is by hiring an expert working with a reputable organization. Then, ask for the best professional they can offer and lay out your reservations beforehand. That way, the expert will be aware of your expectations. As such, they will work towards not crossing any boundaries you set. During the repair process, stick around and be the supervisor. That may be another opportunity to learn a few things about repairing garage doors and it will deter anyone from opportunistic theft.


  1. Hiring an expert is expensive

Costs should never be analyzed in isolation. Conducting a cost benefit analysis is important because a service or product may be expensive but it comes with great benefits compared to a cheap one but with fewer benefits. The goal of a cost benefit analysis is to establish the net benefit of a service or good. The one with the highest net benefit carries the day.

Many carry around the perception that hiring professionals while you could do things yourself is uneconomical and unreasonable. This may be true for quite a number of repairs but not garage door repairs. This particular type of repair is critical since it involves electricity, heavy metal and other risks. If a garage door repair is poorly done, the garage door will likely succumb to more damages in future. This means poor movement and troubles closing and opening the door.

When you look at it holistically, hiring experts costs less. Think about it this way; time is unrealized money. Therefore, choosing to spend a few dollars on a door repair expert to save time translates to more money made because you can use that time to finalize a project that will earn you money. When you choose to spend your time just to save money, it means you lose out on opportunities to make more money than you have.


Type of Garage Doors

  1. Tilt Up and Over Canopy Garage Doors

I’m certain you’ve seen a van or car boot open. That is the same way this kind of garage door opens up. The top sides are hinged to the wall while the sides going down are free. When prompted to open, the door stretches and goes up like a vehicle’s boot does. As it opens wide, it tends to assume a parallel position to the garage roof.

Imagine handling such a delicate type of garage door. Messing the hinges or exposing them to rust may mean future problems. Besides, if poorly fixed; the hinges may become loose and that puts the occupants of that house at risk. If you have such a garage door, then doing the fixing yourself should be out of the cards. Safety is the reason for the season and I’m sure you want to keep your family safe.


  1. Slide to the side

Another type of a garage door is one which can be slid to the side. This particular garage door is less dangerous compared to the ones that open from bottom to top to sit in a parallel position to the roof. This does not mean it cannot cause harm. For such doors, much as a professional garage door repair expert is the better option; you can fix it yourself. The risk of accidents is considerably lower. Besides, it may not require so much technique compared to canopy garage doors and the likes. For manually operated garage doors, ensure you keep them well-greased at all times. In addition, ensure any wires or connections are neatly and well done for electrical doors. However, it is prudent to get expert routine maintenance once in a while just to assure yourself of top notch safety when handling the door.


  1. Roll up Garage doors

This is another popular garage door, especially in commercial settings. For these kinds of doors, it is highly advisable that you get an expert because the risks are incredibly high. The way the door is set up rolling from the bottom to top while being acted upon by gravity, you do not want to put lives at risk if anything malfunctions.

Roll up garage doors are specifically designed for heavy duty work. They can withstand frequent usage and are often anti-rust thanks to the stainless steel metal. You surely do not want to mess with that. A professional knows how to keep these doors at an optimum working condition. You cannot handle heavy duty roll up doors so don’t try to fix it yourself. Letting a professional fix your garage door protects all users of the garage during and after the repair process.


  1. Side Hinged Garage Doors

These are old school garage doors that resemble normal house doors. The only difference is that these doors are big and heavy. Hinged from the side, one maintenance tip to keep such a door in perfect working condition is regular greasing. With such doors, the risks associated are considerably low. If you have such a door, you can try to fix it in case there is a minor concern.

Rarely will such doors cause trouble unless it’s a big problem and you’’ most certainly know when there is a big problem. Still, hiring an expert is always the better option. The reason is; you may underestimate the impact of that minor hitch, which may turn out to be a ticking time bomb. An expert will come, evaluate the problem and establish the risks associated. Once that is done, they will come up with a solution that will solve that problem effectively. Doing it yourself may work for the moment but become problematic in the long-run.

Many owners of side-hinged garage doors try to fix their doors by themselves because they simply do not see the significance of hiring an expert. Unless you have extensive knowledge about garage doors, my advice would be; seek the services of an expert. It will save you time and solve the problem for a considerable amount of time if not for good. Perhaps, all you’ll ever need again is regular servicing only.


  1. Sectional garage door

This is a type of roll-up or tilt up door. Sectional garage doors have sub sections on the door itself. While the former two are a block of a door, the latter door is hinged in between or three times into sections. The sectional door has more than one fold and is lesser safety threatening. This door type should also be repaired by an expert and not just anybody. The delicate nature this garage door is built means it should be handled with caution to ensure the sub-sections work in unison with the common goal of opening and closing the garage door safely.


Criteria for Selecting a Garage door repair expert

Hiring an expert is the first part of the puzzle. However, do you hire just any type of a garage door repair expert? No, not at all. Hiring an expert calls for prudence since lives are involved, property, money and your privacy too is at stake. You could use the following criteria to settle for an expert.


  1. Deal with reputable companies

Hiring an expert may mean bringing a stranger to your home or business premise. This means putting your privacy and security at risk. We live in unknown times and therefore you cannot take any chances. Hiring an organization minimizes the chances of compromising your security. Individuals working for an organization have a supervisor to answer to and therefore they will behave. The other risky alternative would be hiring an individual. Comparing the two, the former is safer and has a higher level of guarantee. An individual may choose to get personal and engage in other agendas. You definitely do not want that.

An organization is subject to government regulations and ISO standards. That means their experts will come and abide by a code of conduct; which may include sticking to what took them to your premise besides upholding privacy. Additionally, reputable garage door repair companies have insurance that may cover losses that the client suffers during a repair operation.


  1. Ask for more experienced garage door repair experts

Experience cannot be equaled. Not even with the best academic credentials. Experienced repair experts are individuals that have been in the industry practicing their art and perfecting it for years. They have seen virtually everything that can be seen and can almost predict with precision. They tend to be less experimental because they’ve dealt with every garage door damage under the sun hence the repair process will be quick and efficient.

You may request to be sent the most experienced individual but some organizations may charge a higher fee for that. However, if it is worth it then, do not think twice. It is better to spend more and get your garage fixed for good.


  1. Compare prices

Quality comes before price but you must also stick to a budget. Some experts charge unreasonably high prices. You may be offered high quality, but that does not mean you should be charged exorbitantly. To avoid that, do a proper research on quality versus prices and compare your options. The organization with the lowest charge for the best quality should be your choice. Avoid settling for cheap and poor quality. Shop around repair companies to a get several quotes, which will enable you to ballpark the potential cost of your repair.


  1. Durability

You need to know how long the repair will take before the garage door calls for another fix. This is why it is important to hire experienced door repair experts. They can tell how long the door will be in a perfect condition and advice accordingly in terms of how to care for the care in order to extend its service life. Durability is important because you do not want to keep spending time and money fixing a door.

On the same note, get a warranty if you can. The expert should give you a timeframe whereby you can call them back in case the garage door misbehaves. Quality experts will likely give you a longer period knowing well they did a good job. Therefore, the warranty period you are given will give you a hint on the quality of work done. Do not settle for less.



Garage doors are delicate in nature. For that reason, a garage door repair expert should be hired to do the fixing of damages on your garage door. DIY garage door repair is an alternative but only with simple damages such as small dents, scratches, and ungreased hinges. For roll ups and canopy garage doors, the safety risks are high and therefore caution needs to be exercised when handling them. Choosing which expert to hire may be a challenge but it’s still possible. Do not compromise for your safety is at stake.