Garage door replacement

If it is man made rest be assured, it has a shelf life. A garage door is a human invention and there falls in this bracket. There comes a time when the door has to be replaced whether you like it or not. Sometimes, you may not be aware of this. Then, only an expert can tell your door is due for replacement. Let’s starts with instances when you have to replace your door.

Conditions under which your garage door must be replaced

  1. Security threat

The main reason a door is erected is to offer security. When the door no longer serves this purpose, it is time to replace it. You must not wait until an act of burglary has taken place for you to act. You can always almost tell when your door can be broken in to.

Other than the security of the property stored inside the garage, humans and animals living around there are kept safe. Remember a faulty garage door is a safety threat to those living close by.

  • Old age

The older a door gets, the more exposed to burglary it becomes. The door loses its strength in every aspect. It becomes more susceptible to rust and many other faults. If this is not taken care of, problems might accrue and an irreversible damage caused. You do not want to wait until the door stops functioning completely to replace it.

It is basic knowledge that strength diminishes with age especially after something has been to its best. Therefore, with every other day in use, the door becomes weaker and offers poorer services. Getting a door replacement will ensure you keep your garage and its components safe from intruders.

  • Noise

Garage doors are responsible for making the loudest noise compared to other kind of doors. The older a door gets, the weaker it becomes. Besides, friction and other factors come to play. When not properly maintained for a long time, garage doors become noisy. It gets to a point when this becomes irreversible. The most vital components of the door might have been exposed to rust to levels that cannot be corrected. As a result, the noise might be terminal. This means, no matter the kind of repair done to the door; the noise may never get corrected.

The last thing you want is live with a noisy neighbor. Imagine waking up to the noise of a garage door and going to bed with the same. It is inconvenient and tiring to say the least. A noisy door should be replaced promptly.

  • Tech advancement

Technology changes by day. This is a reason enough to replace your door. Probably, at the time of your door installation; the technology had not been released yet. By the time of release, you already have your door installed. Do not hesitate replacing the door. Upgrade to the latest technology as the recent techs offer more convenience and security features.

With the current home security technology, programming your garage door into automation is possible. You can link the door to your automobiles and mobile phones too. This means, when you want to park your car, the door can detect your machine and open without human intervention. Besides, when you are away you can get notifications when someone tries to forcefully access the garage.

  • Moving from manual to wireless

The problem with wired technology is the fact that it ties you to a particular location. With wireless technologies, location is not a restriction. It is proper to replace your door when you want to change this. Moving from wired to wireless is a fine idea. Instead of using fixed keypads and lockers, you want to shift to digital controls like programmed lock downs among others.

The Replacement Process

Door installation is easier than replacement. Why is this so? It is because replacement involves removing an already existing door and reinstalling a new one. Technically, you are undertaking two daunting tasks. It is easier to successfully do this by hiring an expert. Although, it is still possible to do this by yourself. The latter is cheaper though calls for caution. Below is a step by step garage door replacement process.

  1. Record measurements

It starts here, you have to be as accurate as possible. You therefore need a tape measure to get the right measurements for recording. It is these new measurements that will advise you on the size of door to purchase for the replacement. When taking the measurements of the door, you do not want to leave even an inch out. Save yourself the stress of having to return an over or undersized door because you got the details wrong.

The door measurements are not enough. You also have to get the head and side room measures. The door needs enough space for movement and this must be done right for proper fitting of the door into the frame.

  • Release the tension on the springs

When a door is fixed already, the springs are at work. Ensure the springs are pressure free before attempting to detach the door from the frame. This may be possible through lowering the door. Although, different doors have unique methods to do this. The point is; you must ensure the springs are out of pressure before proceeding to prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening. Accidents are fatal and you do not want that.

A roll up door should not be dismantled while hanging up. Once the hinges at the top have been disengaged, the door may land down with a bang. This is problematic if there’s someone passing by. It may also destroy a part of the frame coming down with some of the things holding on to it at the top. This may include the spring. The tension must be dealt with before proceeding.

  • Deal with the operator

The door is held tight with a number of fixers including nuts and bolts. You want to get rid of this then deal with the operator. Start with those nuts fixing the top door. Once that’s done, unloosen bolts including those holding the operator in place. Remember the operator is responsible for the proper movement of the door. It is the garage door’s remote control. Dismantling it means grounding the garage door and stopping it from automatic movement.

At this point, you need some assistance. Normally, the operator controls the ability of the door to sense a living thing between it and stops from shutting. Once the operator has been tempered with, the door lacks the ability to hold on and will therefore drop down if suspended. Your helper will assist you hold the door and avoid any accidents. If alone, a clamp would do. Still, caution must be exercised.

  • Measurement considerations

The new door replacement should fit in the frame. You therefore want to confirm that by measuring both the door and frame to confirm the two are of the right size. This practice must be inch perfect! If there is any difference, it must be sorted out instead of attempting to force the door onto the frame. Once the frame measurements have been found to match those of the new door, the replacing door should be standardized or leveled.

Leveling involves ensuring the door fits well the point at which it meets the floor. Once that is done, use rulers to measure the door vertically and cut off any extra parts. You must ensure the door fits perfectly without leaving any space.

  • Weather proofing

The weather is one of a garage door’s enemy. Cold and rainy weather with lots of fog in the morning will destroy your door with time. With this in mind, it is important to shield your door. You can use paint or galvanize the door especially at the most exposed parts. That way, you ensure your replacing door lasts longer than the replaced door. Perhaps your previous door had a shorter lifespan because of the weather effect. You surely do not want that to happen again. Weather proofing will keep your door away from the cruelty of harsh weather conditions.

  • Put the brackets where they are supposed to be and hinges too

It is time to get the work done. Brackets must be attached where they belong – hinges too. It is important to note the labelling on the brackets and hinges. The L labelled should go to the left while R to the right. That you should tell from the initials. For the hinges; they have been numbered according to where they should be placed. It would be wise to place each in the rightful position according to the labels to avoid issues arising later.

  • Track and roller attachment

These are pivotal features of a garage door. They determine the smoothness in which the doors will move. When fit expertly, the garage door will move smoothly and rarely will you need to do repairs nor undertake any kind of maintenance. The problem arises when these two are poorly done. The number of repairs and maintenance you’ll be required to do is alarming. Therefore, ensure you do the installation of these two features properly.

  • Attach panels

Now, every garage door comes with instructions from the manufacturers. It is important to follow these guidelines closely. Remember the maker of your particular door has designed it in such a way to fit specific specification which may alter slightly from your normal garage door.

After installing the track and roller, it is time to attach the panels. To successfully do this, ensure everything is marked and those parts to be locked together labelled. That way you’ll avoid mixing or confusing the door parts.

  • Fix the tracks, bearings and hinges

Tracks well fixed will allow the rollers to move without opposition. The wheels too will move flawlessly. On the other hand, if poorly done; the wheels will keep bumping and the door will be problematic to operate. This is a critical step and must be done with perfection. It is some of these little details that determine how fast you’ll have to repair or replace your garage door. Doing right at this stage will give your door a little more life.

Once your vertical and horizontal tracks are well fixed, move on to the bearings. End bearing installation is simple yet critical. This is another step you cannot do with mistakes. Keep in mind this bearing will form the path for the tension rod to glide through as the door moves. Once the tracks and bearings are in place, it is time to tighten the hinges.

There are things to observe when fastening hinges. One important consideration is doing the fastening before installing the last panel. Also, screws have to be tightened and some little space left with the brackets. This allowance will give room for adjustments as you continue with your door replacement process.

  1. Cable, spring and operator installation

 At this stage, we are approaching the last stages of a garage door replacement. It’s time to be happy since you’re almost done with the tedious replacement process. By the time we get here, the door panels are already fixed and now you should install the cables. These cables are responsible for pulling the door up when opening and releasing the door when shutting the panels. For effectiveness, the cables should be attached to the bottommost panel. This will ensure the door’s whole weight is supported by the strong cable instead of leaving the panels to carry the weights of lower door subsections. If the former was left to happen, gravity may come in and with time the lower panels detach or malfunction.

Cable and spring installation requires some expertise. For a successful process, you may consider a professional to do this for you. Remember if this is not finely executed, the door might bring challenges when opened or shut.

Once the above is done, it is time to install the operator. This is the power behind the automation of your garage door. A perfectly working operator ensures the door closes and opens with ease. You may need extra support to install this delicate thing. Once the motor has been successfully mounted, put the trim and continue with painting. Choose the color of your choice for the best look.

Things to do after Replacement

  1. Thorough Cleaning of the Garage

It is obvious how messy a construction site is. That said, it is only wise to do a thorough cleaning of the garage after finishing the replacement process. There might unused screws, hanging wires, and other dangerous tools which if left may cause harm. The cleaning process will ensure no harmful tool is left lingering around. That will protect all the garage users going forward.

Perhaps you have children around. The cleaning process will ensure the garage is made safe for these children. Most of these young ones lack proper decision making skills. That said, it is only safe if you make it safe for them. remember what could go wrong will definitely go wrong. Cleaning is playing safe and minimizing chances of things going wrong. Once done, you will have peace of mind since you’re guaranteed your children are safe.

  • Garage Door Monitoring

You can trust work done by an expert, but you should never trust yourself. That is the reason you need to regularly monitor your garage door. This is to ensure everything is in place and you can arrest any challenges that may arise early. That gives you enough room to repair faults before things get out of hand.

Every day as you leave and enter your garage, check that everything is working well. There’s something I learnt from my father and I would like to share with you. My old man told me that I should use all my senses including eyes, ears, nose and touch when monitoring something. Well, that is the same message I would like to pass to you.

When monitoring your garage door, listen; just in case there’s any noise to indicate the door is in need of repair. More than that, use your hands to move the door and feel any malfunction. Proper monitoring ensures the door is at an optimum working condition at all times.

  • Proper maintenance

A door is a simple machine. All machines require regular maintenance. That way, they will keep working properly and future problems can be averted by this practice. You can do routine maintenance by yourself or you may choose to hire an expert to do it for you. Either way you will get the desired results.

One may ask; how do you conduct regular maintenance? Well, one day to do it is through regular lubrication of some parts of the door. With time, bolts become loose because of repetitive movement. This is why you must regularly check loose bolts and tighten them as soon as possible. Screws too need to be tightened.

  • Timely repairs

Time may pass without need for major repairs. But, time is definitely coming when your garage will be in dire need of repairs. The situation may be too complicated that you may need a garage door expert to your rescue. When that is the case, do not hesitate to hire one. It may cost you a few dollars, but in the long run you’ll realize it was worth it. The advantage of doing timely repairs is the fact that the practice helps protect your garage door from massive damages.

Benefits of Garage Door Replacement

  1. Beefed up security

Remember safety and security was a reason why one should change their garage door. Once the replacement process is complete, you can be sure the property stored inside your garage is secure. Besides, the faulty door would have been replaced; therefore, any safety concerns would have been addressed. This means, no one’s life will be in danger moving forward.

Children and animals lack the wisdom to tell when a garage door poses safety risks. Once the replacement door is mounted, whether they can tell or not will not matter; for the new door will offer safety as well as security. This will give your peace at any time when your young ones are out of your site.

  • Calmness restoration

Old doors make noise. The fact that these doors are huge in size amplifies the noise. A new door is always silent since its still in its perfect conditions. This means, a door replacement restores the previously lost calmness. therefore, you don’t have to be irritated whenever you or someone else opens the door. The process will be smooth and undisruptive. Your neighbors too won’t have to keep complaining or sue you for making noise.

  • Freshness

We all want new things. Freshness can also create the impression of newness. It gives us peace and contentment. When the replacement process is complete, it will feel like you have just moved into a new garage. You will enjoy parking more and opening your day. Well, this is a benefit no one will claim loudly but deep down everyone will feel this way.

  • Upgrade

Technological advancements are a norm today. The more we move in time, the faster these upgrades occur. No wants to be left behind. If you have the funds to sustain regular advancements, garage door replacement won’t be a big deal. With new technology comes better efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Appearance

A garage door can be a great boost to your door appearance. You will have your garage and home in general looking better.


Having been to a business school, I love analyzing this in terms of costs versus benefits. The opportunity cost is also a criterion I like using. At the end, you realize every decision you make is wiser and with desirable results. When it comes to door replacement, it is up to you to decide whether and when you will do the replacement. Through this article, I have highlighted insightful factors you can consider when faced with a door replacement decision to make.