How much does it cost to repair a garage door

Just to give you a straight answer, the average cost of a garage door repair is somewhere between $70 to $180. In some cases, the cost could be lower or higher. But there’s a lot that determines the price of your garage door repair. So, keep on reading to find out more.

Some of the garage door repairs will prove to be harder than others. And on that note, the most affordable is the single tile-up and single roll-up doors. When it comes to the custom-made roll-up doors, they tend to be more expensive. More importantly, the price goes even higher when dealing with solid wooden doors.

Garage Door Materials and their Price Tags

There are a few materials that will make the repair less expensive. Let’s look at the different garage door materials. Actually, you might decide it’s time to replace the entire material of your garage door.

1.     Wood

Without a doubt, wood is the most beautiful and also authentic garage door material in the market today. Unfortunately, this type of door comes at a high price. More importantly, they will obviously look amazing, but the door will need constant refinishing. Another downside is that they don’t last as long as some of the other door materials.

All in all, wood is pretty easy to customize, and the price could range from mid-expensive to expensive. What’s more, the wood composite will also achieve the same type of feeling as the wood. But the composite will likely weigh less and is more affordable compared to wood. Wood is the ideal choice when you have a double garage door.

2.     Aluminum

It’s a bit out of the ordinary, but aluminum garage doors are a thing in most modern homes. That’s because aluminum is quite light, making it the ideal choice for extra-wide double garage doors. There are newer and sturdier choices when it comes to aluminum.

However, just like wood materials, aluminum also comes with a high price, especially if you go for the heavy-duty types. All in all, there are a few cheaper options that come with panels made out of different materials.

3.     Fiberglass

Fiberglass is quite malleable. Therefore, it can mimic any type of material you want. You can easily go for the warmth and wood-like selection or even a transparent one with a soft light touch. What’s more, the customization of this material is affordable hence making them the perfect choice in coastal areas. However, in cold environments, fiberglass can yellow and eventually break. Therefore, it’s not advisable to use fiberglass in areas that snow.

4.     Steel

Some of the best garage doors in our houses today are made of galvanized steel. Typically, these doors have two layers of steel. More importantly, they also require low maintenance when compared to steel. However, steel garage doors are prone to rust and dents. But you can still minimize the effect of rust. You can choose a 24- or 25-gauge steel. Another great option is to go for steel that’s covered with fiberglass.

5.     Vinyl

Also known as ‘childproof’ material, vinyl is tough to dent. That means your kids can have their fun around the garage door without worrying about denting it. In terms of construction, vinyl materials are more or less similar to fiberglass. However, compared to fiberglass, vinyl is more durable and requires less maintenance. But the only downside to vinyl is that you have limited choices when it comes to color variations.

The Repairable Parts in a Garage Door

1.     Garage Door Openers Repairs

The garage door openers are some of the cheapest garage door parts to repair. You may even be surprised that you can fix these repairs all on your own by watching simple tutorial videos on YouTube. But it’s always advisable to talk to a professional company to handle the task.

2.     Garage Door Pulley Repair

Just like the garage door openers, the garage door pulleys are also very cheap. On average, the cost of the repair for a garage door pulley will range somewhere between $12 and $68.

Therefore, you will need to invite a repair expert to your home. For most companies, a garage door service call will cost between $50 and $90. The cost will mostly vary depending on the company, and the average price for repairs is $120.

3.     Garage Door Panel Repair

Not every other time, you will need to repair your garage door. Sometimes you need to check the extent of damage as well as the location. A good repair will give life to your garage door without having to incur a considerable cost.

For instance, if your garage door has some small rots, dents, holes, and rusted spots, you can do some repairs instead of replacing the entire door. The price range of the repairs will, however, vary depending on the material of the garage door.

As for the steel door repairs, you will incur precisely $130, while for wood will be around $190. That’s not forgetting that aluminum will go for $170 and $150 for fiberglass. However, there’s a common belief that replacement will help homeowners save more money.  It’s essential you weight the total cost of repairs against replacement.

The repairs to your garage door panel help to boost the proper functioning of the garage door. That means that you will have a less hectic time going about your day. Also, by repairing your garage door panels, you will help to preserve the value of your home and its general appeal. That is a very crucial factor; especially, you have plans to sell your house in the near future.

Fixing the garage door panel is one of the most expensive fixes that you can ever. Most of the time, you will have to pay an hourly rate for the installation of the new panels. You will get 9-inch panels at $240 and a 16-inch panel at $690. That said, when it comes to garage door panel repairs, most people choose to go with replacements instead.

Factors that determine the price of your garage door repair

As much as DIYing your way through some of the minor problems in your garage door seems like the best option, having professional take care of the repairs should be your top priority. That’s because most of the garage door repairs can easily result in severe damages when not handled properly. But I’m not questioning your mad DIYing skills.

Since the garage door is one of the major openings to your home, good garage work will ensure your home is secure. And of course, hiring a professional to handle your repairs will come at a cost. So, with that in mind, here are some of the factors that will determine the price of your repairs:

1.     The extent of the damage

One of the major determiners of the price of your garage door repair is the extent of the damage. Typically, minor dents or other issues will cost less and very little time when compared to problems with the sensors, and other technical parts. Also, some damages will lead to buying a new garage door.

2.     Style and design of your door

Without a doubt, the design of the garage door will obviously affect the cost of the repairs, even the minor ones. That’s because some doors will take only a few minutes to repairs since they have a simple design. On the other hand, some models will require a bit of time and money to troubleshoot and work on the repairs. Old garage doors will likely cost more, especially when it comes to replacing the parts.

3.     The material of the door

Like I said earlier, the material used to create the door will have an effect on the cost of the repairs. Generally, expensive materials will also cost more when it comes to repairs. More importantly. Steel garage doors are considered to be less expensive when compared to wooden doors.

4.     After-sale services

Some companies will offer after-sale services to their customers. Therefore, when you have any issues with your garage door, you should try and contact the company that installed the door. In most cases, in case you have to pay for the repairs, it will typically cost less.

However, that’s only if the company offers such services and if your warranty hasn’t expired. That is why you should always try your best to deal with professionals in this field. A professional garage door company will accommodate any repairs you need.

5.     The Service Charge

Each repair company has its own quotations when it comes to service charges. If you don’t know what service charge is, let me give you a brief description. Service charge is the pay you give someone for putting in the work. In most cases, the service charge is not inclusive of the spare parts used in the repair.

With that in mind, some companies offer affordable services. However, there are some other additional charges in case of an emergency or urgency. So, before you decide to work with a particular company, ensure you’ve done enough research on their services and what they will do for you. Inquire with the garage door repair company if there are any additional charges.

6.     Overhead Finishes

This might not necessarily be important, but some homeowners prefer when their garage doors match with the entire home. That is, when the door is installed, you’d like it to match the color combination of the whole house even after the repairs are done. If that’s your preference, be sure it will cost more than the usual price tag.

In some cases, some people prefer a different type of finish. What do I mean? Well, you might have a steel door, but you want it to look like a wooden door. With the right garage door expert, this is entirely possible. Yes, you heard that right! It’s possible to mimic the look of a wooden door with a bit of skill in painting. But it will cost you extra.

When it comes to wooden garage doors, refining the repairs is necessary, especially in case the wood has been damaged by weather. A garage door expert will be able to return your door to its original glory days. In fact, they will also seal it to reduce the future effects of weather on the door.


Finding the Best Garage Door Repair Expert

If it’s not clear already, finding the right garage door repair expert will also have a massive effect on the price of the repair. Don’t just go for any garage door repair company that you bump into on the internet or across the street-no siree! Take your time and do enough research before going for a particular company. I’m sure you are probably wondering what you need to check when looking for the perfect garage door repair company, right? If yes, here are a few tips we picked up along the way:

  • Reputation: Every good garage door company has a reputation to match. Therefore, check for feedbacks from their previous clients and how the company handles its tasks.
  • Licensing: Before anything, ask for the license of the company to know if they are authorized to perform such tasks. A professional company will have no problem showing their license to you.
  • Experience: Last but not least, a professional company should have a few years under their belt in this field. Don’t go for the new start-ups even though there is a slight chance that they might have something new and advance. It’s always safer to go for the ‘devil you know.’ The same case applies when it comes to picking the perfect garage door expert to handle your repairs.

In Summary

Well, there you have it! There’s a lot you need to put into perspective, especially when determining the cost of any garage door repair. However, always remember that doing repairs yourself is not the best option. There’s a high chance you might miss something that will cause severe damages in the future.

Some of these problems require a professional who has been handling such tasks for years. So, take your time and find the perfect garage door expert to take on your tasks.